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Structural Characteristics Of Diesel Generator Transmission

Dec. 13, 2021

The fuel injection pump test bench is a special equipment for the detection, adjustment and maintenance of diesel generator fuel injection pumps. Since the 1980s, the number of fuel injection pump test bench manufacturers in China has basically remained stable. According to the speed regulation mode and power transmission mode, the test benches commonly produced by domestic manufacturers are mainly slip clutch transmission transmissions and AC frequency converters. Next, follow the editor of Starlight Power to learn about the structural characteristics of the transmission and gearbox of the diesel generator fuel injection pump test bench.


Hydraulic continuously variable transmission of diesel generator fuel injection pump test bench:


The structural features of the diesel generator fuel injection pump test bench include six components: hydraulic continuously variable transmission, gear box, combustion system, oil metering mechanism, power transmission system and electrical system.


The hydraulic CVT is usually constructed by oil pump, oil pipe, oil motor, oil suction valve, eccentric adjusting screw and so on. The oil pumps are of the same structure and are variable vane pumps.


Driven by the motor, the hydraulic oil pump sucks pressure oil from the hydraulic oil tank and the oil pump. Enter the oil motor through the pipeline and the pressure limiting valve, and drive the oil motor to overcome the load resistance. Then it flows back to the hydraulic oil pump through the pipeline, and the oil pump enters the oil pump again to construct a closed circulation system.


Due to the closed circulation system, only a very small amount of hydraulic oil leaks back to the tank from the gap between the oil pump and the motor. The overflowing hydraulic oil is compensated by sucking in the oil pump from the oil tank through the oil suction pipe and the oil suction valve. The pressure limiting valve on the tubing acts as a safety valve to prevent damage to the system due to excessive pressure.


diesel generator

Structural characteristics of the gearbox of the diesel generator fuel injection pump test bench:


The gear box of the diesel generator fuel injection pump test bench is connected to the hydraulic CVT oil motor, and its input shaft is the output shaft of the oil motor, and the output shaft is the output shaft of the oil cylinder.


The gearbox has a low-speed gear and a high-speed gear. The lower gear reduces the output torque and increases the output torque, which is the opposite of the high gear. Therefore, in actual operation, the gear shift should be selected according to the type of fuel injection pump to be debugged. Ordinary low-speed gears are usually used in the debugging of low-speed, high-power engine fuel injection pumps, while high-speed gears are used to debug high- and low-power engine fuel injection pumps.


An instant dial is installed on the output shaft of the internal combustion engine test bench, which is used to determine and adjust the injection start time of the fuel injection pump and the injection interval angle of each cylinder, while using its inertia to stabilize the output shaft speed. A gapless shrapnel coupling is installed on the dial to connect and drive the tested fuel injection pump.


Starlight Power’s warm reminder: If the oil grade of the diesel generator transmission is not high enough or the service cycle is too long, it will cause poor lubrication of the transmission and affect the service life of the equipment.


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