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Structural Characteristics Of Diesel Generator Injector Detector

Sep. 05, 2023

The diesel generator injector tester can be used to measure and adjust the fuel injection pressure of the diesel generator injector, and can be used to detect the injection state of the nozzle, whether the injection state of the injector is normal, and whether the injector is leaking or not. It is divided into two types: fixed type used in workshop and direct on-machine use. Details are as follows:


1. Fix the jet detector.

The fixed nozzle tester is composed of pressure gauge, joystick, tester shell, piston, oil inlet pipe, filter screen, oil outlet pipe, joint and fuel tank.


(1) Fix it on the workbench through the stud, shake the joystick to make the fuel generate high pressure and enter the fuel injector, so as to check the fuel injector.


(2) Convenient nozzle test device for diesel generators.


(3) It consists of a pressure gauge, a detector shell, a nozzle and a joint. During the detection process, the fuel injector is directly installed on the high-pressure fuel outlet pipe joint of the fuel injection pump. Use the screw head to make the plunger pair of the fuel injection pump work to generate high-pressure oil, so as to check the fuel injector. The machine is simple in structure, easy to carry and use, but because the performance and accuracy of the fuel injection pump have a great influence, it is rarely used in actual testing.


How to use the diesel generator injector detector:

The contents that need to be mastered in the use of the diesel generator injector detector are: the measurement and adjustment of the fuel injector pressure of the generator set, the spray quality inspection, and the nozzle sealing test. The details are as follows:


1. Install.

Install the injection device on the detector (vertically downward), connect it with the oil return pipe, and shake the joystick several times to keep the air in the pipeline clean.


2. Test.

Shake the handle, when the oil pressure begins to rise, slowly press the joystick, observe the working state of the pressure gauge and the injector, and write down the value of the pressure gauge when the injector starts, that is, the pressure at which the injector starts to inject fuel. Compared with the original standard value, if it does not meet the requirements, it should be adjusted.


Shangchai Power Generation Set

3. Adjust the starting injection pressure.

Remove the injector from the injector and make it the same as a bench vise, loosen the cap nut and lock nut on the injector, then put the injector on the old tester, turn the adjusting screw. Adjust the starting pressure to the correct value. After debugging, lightly tighten the lock nut. When the nozzle leaves the detector, clamp it with a bench vise and tighten it again.


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