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Structural Characteristics of Container Type Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 15, 2023

The diesel generator set mainly refers to the set with protective box, which is mainly divided into silent box type, container type, rain-proof box type generator set and shelter power station. The specific contents are shared with you by Starlight Power Generation Equipment as follows:

container diesel generator

The main characteristics of diesel generator set are low noise and strong mobility. With the continuous development of urbanization, the requirements of power facilities for construction power supply, standby power supply, and security power supply are also increasing, especially for the main performance characteristics such as noise treatment, appearance design, and equipment hoisting.

1. The diesel generator set used by the communication industry is gradually replacing the open-frame unit with the silent box-type unit. The main reason is that the cost of the construction, installation and noise treatment of the open-frame unit is much more than the price difference between the open-frame unit and the silent unit (the same type unit), and it saves most of the time for the design and installation of the machine room, so the communication industry prefers the silent box-type generator set.

2. As a small power generation equipment, diesel generator set has always been the choice of power supply for field construction. Due to the uncertain environmental factors of field construction and the rising cost of machine room construction, as well as the poor installation conditions of field construction and other factors, open-frame units are being phased out. Most of the open units in use are equipment purchased in the early stage, and most of the new units are box-type units. In particular, the container-type units are large in size and have a lot of available space. In design, most of them are generator rooms at the front end and rest rooms for construction personnel at the back end, which is more conducive to field construction.

3. The diesel generator set industry prefers rain-proof box-type units. Due to the particularity of the diesel generator set leasing industry, most leasing users only use the diesel generator set, regardless of the day, night, wind and rain, as long as the machine is running and the voltage is normal, few people go to take care of the machine, so most of the domestic renters buy box-type units or start the transformation of the diesel generator set when adding new spare parts.

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