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Structure and Working Principle of Ramjet

Aug. 15, 2023

A ramjet is composed of a diffuser, a combustion chamber, and a propulsion nozzle. It uses the pressure change generated by high-speed airflow under the change of speed to achieve the principle of gas compression. Today, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment will briefly describe the structure and principle of the ramjet engine.

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The ramjet is simple in structure, light in weight, large in thrust-to-weight ratio and low in cost. However, because there is no compressor, it cannot be started under static conditions, so it is not suitable as a power unit for ordinary aircraft, but is often used in conjunction with other engines to become a combined power unit. Such as the combination of a ramjet and a rocket engine, a combination of a ramjet and a turbojet or a turbofan.

An aircraft with a combined power unit starts the rocket engine, turbojet or turbofan engine when taking off, and when the flight speed is sufficient for the ramjet to work normally, the ramjet is used to turn off the engine that works with it; during the landing phase , when the flight speed of the aircraft is reduced to the point that the ramjet engine cannot work normally, the engine that cooperates with it is restarted. If the ramjet is used alone as the power unit of the aircraft, the aircraft must be carried into the air by other aircraft and have a certain speed before the ramjet can be started and then launched.

The above is the structure of the ramjet engine. Next, the Dingbo power generation equipment details its operation principle:

The ramjet mainly uses high-speed oncoming airflow into the engine to decelerate to boost the air. When the aircraft is flying, the oncoming airflow converts kinetic energy into pressure energy in the process of passing through the intake port, and the compressed air enters the combustion chamber and is mixed with fuel for isobaric combustion. thrust.

This method of engine compressing air relies on the relative airflow of the aircraft flying at high speed into the engine inlet to decelerate, converting kinetic energy into pressure energy (for example, when the intake speed is 3 times the speed of sound, the air pressure can theoretically be increased by 37 times. ). When the ramjet is working, the high-speed airflow blows towards the engine, expands and decelerates in the intake port, and enters the combustion chamber after the pressure and temperature rises to mix and burn with fuel (usually kerosene), raising the temperature to 2000-2200 ℃ or even higher. The high and high temperature gas is then expanded and accelerated by the propelling nozzle, and is discharged from the nozzle at a high speed to generate thrust. The thrust of the ramjet is related to the intake speed. For example, when the intake speed is 3 times the speed of sound, the static thrust generated on the ground can exceed 200 kw.

To sum up, it can be seen that the ramjet engine is lighter in weight and relatively simple in structure compared with the jet engine, but its working efficiency is poor when it runs at low speed. Therefore, ramjets are suitable for operation at speeds above Mach 2.

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