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Storage of Temporarily Unused Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 16, 2019

Most customers are concerned about the maintenance of the automatic diesel generator set during operation, but they are indifferent to the storage of the generator set that is not in use temporarily. It is easy to cause corrosion and damage to the parts of the unit. So in order to avoid the above situation, today Starlight Power tells you how to do.


If a automatic diesel generator is not used for a period of time, a reasonable and feasible storage plan shall be made according to the required time.

Automatic diesel generator


The diesel generator set shall be stored according to the steps. It includes cleaning the unit completely, keeping the unit dry and ventilated, and replacing new lubricating oil of proper quality. Completely drain the water in the water tank and conduct rust prevention treatment for the unit.


Storage of automatic diesel generator when not in use in a short period of time.

1.Empty diesel oil.

2.Turn the piston of the diesel engine to the top dead center of compression.

3.Store indoors and and cover it with a cloth.

4.Don't put it in a wet place.

5.Do not put together with inflammable, explosive and corrosive articles.

6.Turn the crankshaft regularly.


Storage of automatic diesel generator when not in use for a long time.

1.First, it shall be carried out according to the items not used in a short period of time.

2.Clean the dirt on surface of whole set of diesel generator. Clean the unit with compressed air.

3.Fill the generator with desiccant and cover the generator end with thick paper. Cover air vent well and fasten with a rope.

4.Empty the engine oil in the oil filter, air filter, etc.

5.Inject 100-200g oil into each cylinder from exhaust manifold. Turn the crankshaft of the diesel engine dozens of times, so that the oil is evenly distributed in the cylinder and the piston is at the top dead center of compression.

6.Remove the valve cover and lubricate the valve structure with dehydrated oil.

7.Seal the exhaust port, air filter, fuel tank vent, smoke vent of low-temperature starting device, etc. with oiled paper.

8.Use detergent to clean diesel engine, alternator, coupling port, frame and components, tools and accessories etc. Of generator. Spread butter for needed part.

9.Rotate the crankshaft 1-2 times a month, and make the piston at the top dead center of compression after each rotation.


Long term storage of diesel generator sets will have a decisive adverse effect on diesel engines and alternators, and proper storage can minimize the adverse effect. Therefore, the correct storage method is very necessary.

In order to prevent the engine and other accessories of the cooling system from freezing and cracking, and prevent the cooling water from corroding the engine body for a long time, add antifreeze when the unit is used in the area where may be frozen. Antifreeze proportion shall refer to the proportion configuration recommended by the diesel engine manufacturer. During long-term storage, the cooling water in the engine and other accessories of the cooling system must be drained.


The unit shall be stored to avoid overheating, supercooling, rain, sun, etc. When storing batteries of the genset, should avoid direct exposure under sunlight or rain.


After a period of storage, it should be noted to check whether the diesel generator set is damaged before installation and use. Comprehensively check whether the electrical part of the unit is oxidized, whether all connecting parts are loose, whether the main generator coil is still dry and whether the engine body surface is clean and dry etc. If necessary, appropriate measures shall be taken to deal with it.

The stotage of temporarily unused diesel generator set is also an important point. Hope this article is helpful to you. 

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