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Specifications for Cummins Engine KTA38-GA 725KVA Generator

Jun. 24, 2020

725kva Cummins diesel generator is made by Jiangsu Starlight whom mainly produces diesel generator set in China, founded in 1974.

1.Cummins genset data  

Prime power: 580KW

Standby power: 639KW

Engine model: KTA38-GA

Alternator: Stamford HCI634G1

Controller: Deep Sea DSE7320

Rated voltage: 400/230V( or as you need)

Speed/frequency: 1500rpm/50Hz

Power factor: 0.8lag

3 phase & 4 wire

Fuel consumption @ 1500rpm: 133L/h (100% prime rated load)

Manufacturer: Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.

 Cummins diesel generator

2.Cummins diesel engine KTA38-GA data

Manufacturer: Chongqing Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd.

Model: KTA38-GA

Prime power:647KW

Standby power:711KW

Speed: 1500rpm


Bore X Stroke159X159mm

Compress Ratio:14.5:1

Aspiration: Turbocharged

Fuel System: Cummins PT

No. of CylinderV-12

Governor type: electronic



Maximum Allowable Back Pressure (1500rpm): 2.3in.Hg(3kPa)

Maximum Allowable Back Pressure:3in.Hg(10kPa)

Exhaust Pipe Size Normally Acceptable:6in(152mm)



Coolant Capacity

With heat exchanger HX 4073 ( With out explantion tank):18U.S.Gal(66L)

With explantion tank & LTA: 30U.S.Gal(112L)

Maximum Coolant Friction Heat External to Engine @1500 rpm:7PSI(48.3kPa)

Minimum Raw Water Flow @ 90°F(32℃) to Heat Exchanger With HX 4073:54GPM(204.4L/min)

Standard Thermostat (modulating) Range:180-200°F(82-99℃)

Maximum Allowable Coolant Temperature :205°F(96.1℃)



Oil Pressure

@ Idle:20PSI(138kPa)

@ Rated Speed:45-65PSI(310-448kPa)

Maximum Allowable Oil Temperature:250°F(121℃)

Total System Capacity (Excluding By-Pass Filter):45U.S.Gal(170L)


Fuel Injection System: Cummins PT direct injection

Battery Recharge System,Negative ground:35A

Maximum allowable resistance of starting circuit:0.002Ω

3.Stamford alternator HCI634G1 data

Brand/Model: Stamford/HCI634G1

Manufacturer: Cummins Generator Technologies(China) Co.,Ltd.

Frequency: 50Hz

Protection level: IP23

Insulation: H

Voltage regulation: AVR

Capacity: 725KVA

Overload: 10% overload for one hour per 12 hours

Bearing: Single bearing( without PMG or with PMG, as you need)

4.Controller Deep Sea DSE7320

Model: DSE7320

Manufacturer: UK Deep Sea

Starlight Power factory has focused on high diesel generator set for more than 43 years since 1974. Our genset with Cummins engine is the best sales and popular with good performance, low fuel consumption and competitive price. If you want to order, please contact us. 

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