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Specific Requirements For Installation Site Of Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 28, 2022

The diesel generator set has certain requirements for the site. If the installation site does not meet the operation requirements of the diesel generator set, the unit cannot be installed. It not only delays the normal use of customers, but also affects the time arrangement of commissioning personnel, causing unnecessary losses. This article introduces the requirements of the diesel generator set for the installation site.


1. The installation site of the diesel generator set shall be well ventilated. The generator end shall have sufficient air inlet and the diesel engine end shall have good air outlet. The air outlet area shall be more than 1.5 times of the water tank area.


2. The surroundings of the installation site of the diesel generator set shall be kept clean, and articles that can produce corrosive gases and steam such as acid and alkali shall not be placed nearby. Fire extinguishing devices shall be provided if conditions permit.


diesel generator set

3. For indoor use, the smoke exhaust pipe must be led to the outside. The pipe diameter must be greater than or equal to the diameter of the smoke outlet pipe of the muffler. The number of elbows of the connected pipe should not exceed 3 to ensure smooth smoke exhaust. The pipe should be inclined downward 5-10 degrees to avoid rainwater injection. If the exhaust pipe is installed vertically, a rain cover must be installed.


4. The casing of diesel generator set must have reliable protective grounding. For generators that need direct grounding of neutral point, the neutral grounding must be carried out by professionals and lightning protection devices must be equipped. It is strictly prohibited to use the grounding device of the mains power to directly ground the neutral point. The two-way switch with the mains power must be very reliable to prevent reverse power transmission. The wiring reliability of two-way switch shall be inspected and approved by local power supply department.


5. The old diesel generator set needs to use concrete as the foundation. During installation, the levelness must be measured with a level ruler to fix the unit on a horizontal foundation. There shall be special shockproof pads or anchor bolts between the unit and the foundation. The current diesel generator does not need concrete as the foundation, because the modern diesel generator set has been improved. The whole unit is flat on the ground and equipped with shock absorbers, which is very convenient.


The above are the requirements for the installation site of the diesel generator set sorted out by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.


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