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Some Easily Overlooked Precautions When Repairing Diesel Generator Sets

Jun. 21, 2022

Diesel generators will inevitably have some faults during use. When repairing the faults of diesel generators, there are many things to pay attention to. Otherwise, the normal use of diesel generators may be affected. Come and see the following precautions that cannot be ignored. What are the things?


1. Assembly cleaning problem.

If mechanical impurities, dust and sludge are mixed in the body during the assembly process, it will not only accelerate the wear of parts, but also easily cause the oil circuit to be blocked, resulting in accidents, such as burning bushings and axles. Therefore, when replacing, repairing and assembling a diesel engine, attention must be paid to the cleanliness of the parts.


diesel generator

2. Whether the parts are universal.

(1) Parts and assemblies of variant products are not necessarily universal. Some diesel generator factories produce certain types of variants. Many parts and components are not universal. For example, the crankshaft, main bearings, cylinder liners, pistons, intake and exhaust valves, valve guides and valve springs of some diesel generators are not universal. If unusable parts are used indiscriminately and indiscriminately, it will backfire.


(2) Different enlarged parts (accessories) of the same model are not universal. When using the repair size method, you can choose to increase the size of the part, but you must find out how much the part has increased. If you do not grasp the size of the parts when replacing and repairing diesel generators, it will not only waste time, but also cannot guarantee the quality of repairs, it will also greatly reduce the service life of bearing bushings, and in severe cases, the generator set will be scrapped.


3. Assembly technology meets requirements

Maintenance crews usually pay more attention to the valve clearance and bearing clearance of generators, but usually ignore some technical requirements. For example, when installing the cylinder liner of the generator set, its upper plane should be about 0.1mm higher than the plane of the car body, otherwise the cylinder will leak or continuously damage the cylinder head gasket.


4. Whether the accessories are replaced in pairs.

When replacing and repairing diesel generator sets, please note that some matching parts must be replaced in pairs. For example, the three precision parts of the syringe needle valve, plunger and delivery valve should be replaced in pairs, which can usually be done. However, some other parts will not be replaced in pairs. For example, when replacing gears, only replace gears that are heavily worn. After assembly, due to poor meshing, increased noise, increased wear, and the service life will be greatly shortened, so please replace the parts in the diesel engine. During maintenance, it should be noted that some matching parts should be replaced in pairs to ensure the quality of maintenance. To save cost, do not replace it with one piece. At that time, the entire generator set will be completely damaged.


5. Avoid wrong assembly of parts.

Replacement parts for diesel generators to prevent incorrect installation or missing parts during installation. For a single-cylinder diesel engine, there are thousands of parts, most of which have certain installation position and orientation requirements. It's easy to install by mistake or miss it if you're not careful. Incorrect installation or lack of installation, etc., will make the engine difficult to start or impossible to start at all.


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