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Smoke Exhaust Requirements for Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 06, 2023

Do you know the smoke exhaust requirements for diesel generator sets? Firstly, we provide industrial heavy-duty silencers, flexible corrugated pipes, and bent pipes of the same specifications as diesel generator sets. Customers can use the main accessories to design and install their own smoke exhaust systems for the computer room. Silencers are usually installed inside the diesel generator box, and they are usually designed on top of the diesel generator set. When designing and installing smoke exhaust systems, the following aspects should also be taken into account to ensure that the entire exhaust back pressure (by adding up the exhaust back pressure values of the muffler and smoke exhaust pipeline, the exhaust back pressure value of the entire system) is not higher than the maximum allowable value specified by the engine, to avoid output power loss and poor fuel economy caused by excessive exhaust back pressure.

containerized generator

If installing more than one diesel generator set, do not exhaust the exhaust gas from the diesel generator set from the same flue. If conditions do not allow the installation of independent smoke exhaust pipes, install movable partitions to prevent backflow in the branch smoke exhaust pipes while ensuring that the total exhaust backpressure of the diesel generator set is not exceeded. The smoke exhaust pipe and the diesel generator set turbocharger should be connected with flexible corrugated pipes to reduce the transmission of vibration from the diesel generator set, isolate the weight of the smoke exhaust pipe from the diesel engine, compensate for the thermal expansion of the smoke exhaust pipe, and compensate for the side sway motion of the diesel generator set installed on the shock absorber during startup and shutdown.

If the exhaust pipe is too long, it is recommended to install a drainage outlet on it, which should be located as close as possible to the diesel generator set to prevent rainwater or condensate from entering the engine exhaust system and causing damage to the diesel generator set. The smoke exhaust system needs to be fixed with hangers to prevent the smoke exhaust pipes and turbochargers from bearing longitudinal pressure and lateral stress. Ensure that the necessary space is reserved for pipeline thermal expansion and contraction, as well as diesel generator set vibration.

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