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Six Main Standards for Diesel Generator Circuit Breakers 2

Feb. 29, 2024

Next, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment will continue to introduce how to choose the appropriate circuit breaker for your diesel generator.

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Special operating conditions.


When selecting a circuit breaker, it is important to remember the location of the end user. Each circuit breaker is different, with some relatively harsh environments. When deciding which circuit breaker to use, remember the following situations: weatherproof control panel protection device.


High temperature type: If a standard thermal magnetic circuit breaker is used at temperatures above 104 ° F, the circuit breaker must be lowered or recalibrated to adapt to the environment. In the past few years, all circuit breakers have been calibrated at 77 ° F, which means that all circuit breakers above this temperature must be downgraded for use. In fact, the temperature of most casings is approximately 104 ° F. In such cases, a special circuit breaker is used. In the mid-1960s, industrial standards changed, and all standard circuit breakers were designed to take into account a temperature of 104 ° F.


Corrosiveness and moisture: In environments with constant humidity, special moisture-proof measures should be taken. This treatment helps to resist mold and fungi that may corrode the equipment. The best solution for high humidity environments is to use a heater inside the box. If possible, remove the circuit breaker from the corrosion area. If it is not feasible, special corrosion-resistant circuit breakers can be used.


High impact rate: If the circuit breaker is installed in an area with a high possibility of mechanical impact, a specialized shock-absorbing device should be installed. A shock absorber is an inertial counterweight installed on the center rod that locks the release rod under normal vibration conditions. The installation of this weight should prevent the thermal release or magnetic release from working in the event of overload or short circuit. On all warships, the United States Navy is the largest user of high seismic shattering hammers.


Sea level impact: In areas above 6000 feet, the current carrying capacity, voltage, and breaking capacity of circuit breakers must be reduced. At high altitudes, the thin air does not transfer heat away from the carrier, nor does it pass through air at lower altitudes. In addition to overheating, thin air can also quickly form a dielectric that can withstand the same voltage level produced under normal atmospheric pressure. The height issue can also reduce the rated capacity of most used generators and other power generation equipment. It is best to consult a professional before buying a generator.


Installation point: In most cases, circuit breakers can be installed horizontally or vertically in any position without affecting the release mechanism and breaking capacity. In strong wind areas, circuit breakers must be installed inside the casing (most devices are enclosed), with the surface swaying with the wind. When exposed to strong winds, when the circuit breaker is connected to an inflexible surface, the circuit may be damaged.

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