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Six Main Reasons For Difficult Start Of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 05, 2023

Sometimes it is difficult to start the diesel generator set. Where is the fault? It may be that the fuel injection pump has too little fuel supply, and too little fuel supply will cause difficulty in starting the diesel generator set and insufficient power. The main reasons for the low fuel delivery of the fuel injection pump are as follows:


1. There is air in the fuel injection pump or the oil pipe connector is loose and leaks oil.


2. The oil inlet pressure is too low, such as insufficient oil supply in the oil transmission system, weak return valve spring in the fuel injection group, and blocked diesel filter.


3. The oil supply quantity adjusted by the column cold is too small (that is, the relative position between the adjusting gear ring and the rack is not correct), or the fastening screw of the adjusting gear ring is loose and displaced, so that the oil supply quantity is too small.


4. The plunger coupling is excessively worn.


5. The poor sealing of the outlet valve is mainly caused by the excessive wear of the outlet valve, impurities entering the oil pump and the weakening of the spring elasticity of the outlet valve.


6. The adjustment screw limiting the maximum oil volume of the rack in the governor is too small or the throttle handle limit screw is too small.


diesel generator set


1. Check whether there is air in the fuel system and whether the fuel pipe connector is loose or leaking.


2. If there is no problem in the first step, check whether the diesel filter and low-pressure oil circuit are blocked, whether the fuel supply of the fuel transfer pump is good, and whether the spring of the fuel return valve (the spring is at the connector of the fuel return pipe of the fuel injection pump) is too weak. After inspection, they are all in good condition. Remove the side cover of the fuel injection pump and check whether the locking screw of the adjusting gear ring is loose and displaced, or the adjusted fuel supply is too small.


3. If the second step is normal, check the tightness of the oil outlet valve, the wear of the plunger, the maximum oil adjustment screw and the throttle handle limit screw.


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