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Shutdown Fault of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 11, 2023

After purchasing a new diesel generator set, users must use high-quality fuel from legitimate channels to avoid unnecessary troubles and malfunctions, which is also a protection for the new engine. In this article, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment will briefly explain the reasons for the diesel generator set stalling.

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The shutdown fault of the diesel generator set makes normal operation impossible, and the cause must be identified and eliminated. The reason for the shutdown of the diesel generator set is caused by the blockage of the oil pipeline, which may be due to poor fuel quality. Thoroughly clean the fuel tank and install high-quality fuel.

When the diesel generator set automatically shuts down, the speed gradually decreases, the operation is unstable, and the exhaust emits white smoke. This phenomenon indicates that there is water in the diesel, the cylinder gasket is washed out, or the automatic pressure reduction is damaged. Measures: Replace the cylinder gasket and adjust the pressure reducing mechanism.

The exhaust pipe emits black smoke and the fuel filling valve cannot function properly. This situation is mostly caused by poor combustion of diesel and diesel. The main reason is that the air filter and intake duct are severely blocked by impurities, resulting in insufficient intake. The air filter should be cleaned and the intake duct should be unblocked to ensure sufficient air filling.

In summary, there are several points. Firstly, when purchasing diesel, users should purchase high-quality diesel. During the use of diesel generator sets, it is necessary to pay more attention to the inspection, maintenance, and upkeep of the units, and promptly identify and eliminate or reduce the faults of the units. The above is the reason why the diesel generator set always stalls introduced by Dingbo Power Generation Equipment to users. I hope the above introduction can provide users with reference.

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