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Seven Maintenance Points Of 500KW Diesel Generator

Jul. 23, 2021

The 7 maintenance points of the electronic control fuel system of the 500kw diesel generator are as follows:


1. Compared with the traditional mechanical fuel system, the electronically controlled fuel system has very high requirements for fuel cleanliness and water content. Unclean fuel will cause pitting in the common rail pipe, and will also cause abnormal wear of the moving pair and precision parts, thereby shortening its service life. Therefore, when repairing the electronically controlled fuel system, pay special attention to the cleanliness of the operation site.


2. In daily maintenance, the fuel filter and oil-water separator should be replaced regularly.


3. Do not refill fuel that does not meet national standards, but go to a regular gas station to refuel. Because the overall level of domestic oil products is not high, the water content and impurities are high, users should regularly discharge the oil-water separator.


diesel generator set

4. All the pipelines of the fuel system should be properly kept in the process of disassembly and assembly to avoid being dirty. When the diesel engine is running, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the high-pressure oil pipe, because the oil pressure in the high-pressure oil pipe is very high at this time, so the oil pipe must be stopped and left standing for more than 15 minutes to ensure safety.


5.The special diesel filter for electronically controlled diesel engine (III) approved by the diesel engine manufacturer must be used during the running-in period and post-maintenance, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the high-pressure pump, fuel injector and common rail pipe.


6.Diesel filter element replacement cycle: replace the filter element every 15000km or 300h of cumulative operation. The method of replacing the filter element is: remove it from the diesel filter bracket with a special tool, and use even force to avoid squeezing deformation and check whether the sealing ring of the new filter element is intact. It is forbidden to inject unfiltered diesel directly into the new filter. After changing the oil filter element, drain the oil pump according to the instruction manual.


7. Install or maintain the oil-water separator on time. Electronically controlled diesel engines have high requirements for fuel quality, and attention must be paid to cleaning the oil circuit. If necessary, an oil-water separator can be added. Starlight Power special reminder: Do not disassemble the original oil-water separator and discard it.


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