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Seven Key Technologies Of 6.6kV Medium Voltage Mobile Power Supply Vehicle

Feb. 21, 2023

6.6kV medium-voltage mobile power supply vehicle is composed of tractor, box-type semi-trailer, 6kV diesel generator set (including starting system, fuel system, lubricating oil system, cooling system, air intake system, noise reduction system, etc.), diesel generator set control, protection and monitoring system, medium-voltage distribution system, low-voltage distribution system, control power supply system, cable and receiving and releasing device, and supporting auxiliary facilities. All auxiliary systems are self-contained and operate independently, meeting the requirements of GB/T 2819-1995 General Conditions for Mobile Power Stations.


1. Box semi-trailer.

The design of semi-trailer shall meet the relevant requirements of GJB79A-1994 General Specification for van and GB/T 23336-2009 General Technical Conditions for Semi-trailers. Semi-trailers are equipped with corresponding supporting devices. The outrigger is fixed on the trailer girder. When in use, the outrigger extends downward and touches the ground to jack up the vehicle body, so that most (or all) of the weight of the vehicle is supported by the outrigger to maintain the stability of the vehicle body and reduce the load of the vehicle spring steel plate. After use, the outriggers should be folded up and have enough height from the ground to ensure sufficient height from the ground to ensure driving safety and protect the safety of tires and equipment. The outriggers are equipped with locking protection, which can be leveled according to the height difference when used on uneven roads.


6kV diesel generator set

2. Diesel generator set.

The diesel generator set meets the requirements of GB/T 2820-1997 Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Driven AC Generator Set. The diesel engine and generator are directly connected by coupling and installed on the steel common base. The generator shall be a synchronous generator with self-ventilated and anti-dripping protection type, which meets the requirements of GB755-87 Basic Technical Requirements for Rotating Electrical Machines.


3. Low-voltage distribution system.

A small capacity 6.3kV/0.4kV distribution transformer is installed in the power supply car body. When the diesel generator set is automatic, it supplies power to the diesel generator set and the cooling system, lighting system, control system and other loads.


4. Control power supply system.

The nominal voltage of the control power supply system is DC110V. The valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery is used to provide DC110V control power for the medium-voltage cabinet, diesel generator set control cabinet, instrument cabinet, etc., and its capacity can meet the power supply demand of the electrical equipment for 1h. After the diesel generator set is successfully started, the control battery is powered by on-board 6.3kV/0.4kV transformer.


5. Start the system.

The diesel generator set is started by electric starting. The rated voltage of the starting battery is DC24V. The valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery is used. After the battery is fully charged, disconnect the charging power supply and its capacity can ensure that the unit is connected and started for 6 times. When the diesel generator set is in standby, the storage battery shall be floating charged by the low-voltage power supply of the mobile power storage plant. After the diesel generator set is successfully started, it is powered by 6.3kV/0.4kV transformer. The battery pack is equipped with a charging device, and the service life of the battery is not less than 5 years.


6. Fuel system.

The tank shall be set in the vehicle tank, and the capacity of the tank shall meet the requirements of the diesel generator set for more than 4h at full power and meet the relevant fire protection requirements. The fuel tank is reserved with a daily refueling pipe interface to allow online fuel replenishment during operation. The fuel replenishment function is used to meet the requirement of no less than 72h continuous operation. The mobile power supply vehicle is equipped with electric oil replenishing device and oil replenishing pipe, which can be used to replenish oil online to the fuel tank in the vehicle when it is necessary to replenish oil. In order to avoid overfilling, oil tank level indication and high and low level alarm are set in the vehicle.


7. Cable and retraction device.

The electric cable winch (with manual operation function) is set inside the box. The outgoing cable of the diesel generator set is a flame-retardant flexible cable with wear-resistant and oil-resistant characteristics, with a length of 100m. Both ends of the cable are equipped with lugs for quick connection.


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