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Selection Of High Voltage Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 12, 2023

Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Guide: Due to the strong scalability of the number of parallel high-voltage diesel generator units, the current parallel technology can continuously parallel 32 units, and through the 8TR (ISRAR TOBUSRAR, bus and bus) model can be expanded to 256 units, providing a rigid demand for large capacity data centers, power plants, etc. to meet the capacity. The following Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Division will share the selection of high-voltage diesel generator sets. The selection of high-voltage generator sets is usually combined according to the overall capacity of the back-end load, and the power range is basically 1800~2400kW main power (PRP), which is arranged and combined.


1. Model selection of engine:

(1) According to the power selection, different types of engines are selected according to different applications, mainly considering the key characteristics of the engine-load capacity.


(2) According to the environmental protection requirements, there are two speed regulation modes concentrated in this power section, one is electronic speed regulation, and the other is electronic injection (high-pressure common rail electronic injection). The main difference is the emission level.


(3) Diesel, gas and heavy oil are selected according to the fuel demand. The advantages of fuel reserve are different in different regions.


Cummins diesel generator set

2. Selection of generator:

(1) According to the selection of voltage and frequency levels, the voltage levels of emergency standby diesel generator sets are generally divided into low voltage (108-690V), medium voltage (3.3~4.16kV) and high voltage (6~15kV). At present, the highest voltage level of generators in the industry is 15kV, and those higher than this voltage level can only be selected by parallel operation after step-up of step-up transformers


(2) Synchronous brushless generators such as Stanford or Lelysima are selected for simple maintenance. DVR digital automatic voltage regulator is used for stable voltage and strong anti-interference performance. Permanent magnet excitation generators are selected to improve the bearing capacity of nonlinear loads; Type selection shall be carried out according to Class F insulation and Class F temperature rise; At the same time, the load carrying capacity of the generator is not only related to the performance of the generator itself, but also related to its own several key parameters. The size of its parameters directly affects the load carrying capacity with different loads; It mainly includes direct axis transient reactance value, direct axis ultra transient reactance value, and external harmonics (such as 3rd, 5th, 7th harmonics, etc.) caused by power factor.


3. Matching of engine and generator capacity in generator set.

It can be seen from the above that at present, the power factor of typical communication machine rooms is greater than 0.9. When the output active power of the unit is fully loaded, there is still a margin for apparent power. Therefore, from the point of view of power factor, the capacity of the generator in the current generator set cannot be fully utilized. The rated output power factor of 0.8 of the generator set is too low and should be increased.


Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional generators, diesel generator sets, Cummins generator sets, Volvo generator sets, etc. The company has advanced testing equipment, excellent production technology, professional manufacturing technology, perfect quality management system, and Strong R&D technical strength. It can provide 15KW-2500KW various specifications of universal, automatic, four protection, automatic switching, low noise and mobile, etc., high-quality, low-energy generating sets to meet customer power needs, and can also meet users' different voltages and different frequencies, as well as the power supply system of multiple units connected in parallel, welcome customers to inquire. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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