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Selection Of Generator Power Of Diesel Generator Set Power House In Port

Feb. 28, 2023

The diesel generator set is used as the standby power supply for the cargo handling and container lifting operations in the port. How to choose the generator power of the diesel generator set power house in the port?


1、 Main unit.

In the selection of unit power, as the main power, it can meet the requirements of crane, trolley and lifting device at the same time. The 200~500kW diesel generator set is usually used for power supply of the container crane.


The electric control system of tyre crane mainly consists of the following parts:

The lifting driver provides continuously changing voltage and frequency for the lifting motor. According to different loads, the maximum lifting speed varies continuously between 20m/s and 45m/s. The rated power of lifting motor is continuous working system, 440V, 170kW, 4-pole motor. This drive is shared by the lifting motor and a crane.


The trolley driver drives one trolley motor respectively. The trolley motor is a continuous working system, 440V, 15kW, 4-pole motor. The maximum speed of the trolley is 70m/min regardless of the load.


The speed of the crane varies between 25m/min and 120m/min according to the load. The crane is driven by two continuous working systems, 440V and 45kW motors. The crane motor on the diesel engine side is driven by an independent driver providing continuously variable voltage and frequency. The crane motor and lifting motor at the electrical room side share one driver. Select crane or lifting output through two contactors.


According to the above power requirements, the power of the configured unit shall be determined according to the lifting weight of the crane and the speed of the crane. The design institute will carry out matching calculation according to the tonnage requirements and operating speed of the tire crane to maximize the power use of the unit. Relevant calculations are not listed here. According to experience, common units are generally about 400kW.


diesel generator set

2、 Standby unit.

The purpose of the standby unit is to use the tire crane for transfer. It is calculated according to the requirements of the crane power. According to the inductive load of 6 times, it is generally 100~250kW. It can meet the use requirements of the crane power device used in the transfer. It depends on the application of equipment and RTG tonnage.


3、 Standby special unit.

Because the tire crane production system requires the driver to query and receive the system instructions at any time, the entire diesel generator set must be in operation as long as there is a production task, no matter whether it is operated or not. According to statistics, the average monthly operation of each tire crane is 400~600h, the no-load operation is nearly 200~300h, and the no-load rate is more than 50%. The no-load fuel consumption of each tire crane is nearly 3000~4500L per month, which not only causes a lot of energy consumption, but also pollutes the environment. In order to save oil for the tyre crane, the method of installing the tyre crane to standby the special small diesel generator set can be adopted.


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