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Section Shape Analysis of Generator Gas Ring

Feb. 15, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the section shape analysis of the generator gas ring.

Generator rectangular ring: the end face of the rectangular ring is rectangular, simple in shape, convenient in processing, large in contact with the cylinder wall, and conducive to piston heat dissipation. However, poor running-in is easy to produce "pumping effect".

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Generator set conical ring: The outer circular surface of the conical ring is a conical surface with a small cone angle. The conical ring is in line contact with the cylinder wall after being installed in the cylinder, with good running-in and sealing performance. At the same time, it can play the role of scraping oil downward and forming an oil wedge when it goes up. The cone ring can slide through the oil film on the cylinder wall without bringing lubricating oil into the combustion chamber. However, the thermal conductivity of the cone ring is poor. When installing, the cone angle should be downward. Because the cone angle is very small, it is generally difficult to identify. In order to avoid incorrect installation, pay attention to the marks.

Generatoing set twist ring: the gas ring with asymmetric section is installed in the cylinder, and the section is twisted due to the action of elastic internal force, so it is called twist ring. There are two types of twist ring: positive twist ring and reverse twist ring. The positive twist ring is cut at the upper edge of the inner circle or the lower edge of the outer circle of the piston ring, and is twisted and pulled into a butterfly shape after being installed in the cylinder. The anti-twist ring is chamfered at the lower edge of the inner circle or the upper edge of the outer circle of the piston ring, and twisted into a cap shape after being installed in the cylinder. Both the positive generator twist ring and the anti-twist ring are usually installed with the cone angle downward, so they have the running-in, sealing, oil scraping and oil wedge effect of the cone ring. Moreover, the upper and lower end faces of the ring and the upper and lower end faces of the ring groove are in contact at corresponding places, which not only increases the sealing performance, but also avoids the pump oil and wear caused by the piston ring moving up and down in the groove. When installing the twist ring, pay attention to its up and down directions, and do not reverse it. That is, the inner incision of the positive twisting ring should be upward and the outer incision should be downward; The inner notch of the anti-twist ring should be downward and the outer notch should be upward.

Genset trapezoidal ring: the section of the trapezoidal ring is trapezoidal. When the piston swings laterally under the action of side pressure, the trapezoidal ring will extrude carbon deposits and colloidal substances from the ring groove, thus having good adhesion resistance. This is found by experimental research.

Generator can-face ring: the outer circular surface of the can-face ring is made into a convex arc shape, with good sealing and running-in. The can-face ring can form a wedge-shaped oil film to float the ring in the cylinder, both up and down, thus reducing the wear of the ring and the cylinder wall. The surface of the piston ring in good operation is naturally arc-shaped after use, so the first gas ring is processed into this shape and has been widely used in high-speed strengthening generators.

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