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Repair Of Diesel Generator Camshaft Timing Gear And Axial Clearance

Jan. 21, 2022

The timing device on the camshaft of the diesel generator works for a long time and will wear out, causing the backlash to burn, resulting in noise. For bakelites exceeding 0.20mm (steel is greater than 0.15mm), the gears need to be replaced when the gap is matched. It has minimal backlash, can be pushed by hand during assembly, and light torque is desirable. The maintenance method of the diesel engine generator camshaft timing gear is as follows:


Lessons learned: After some tooth changes, although the fit gap meets the requirements, due to poor meshing, a huge noise is often generated, and it takes a period of time to run in to eliminate it. Therefore, if the original synchronous gear gap is slightly larger, as long as the noise is not large, it can still be used.


The tooth surface of the diesel generator timing gear should be smooth and free of nicks and burrs. The tooth thickness wear at the specified tooth height along the pitch chord shall not exceed 0.25mm. Gear bore wear must be within the specified allowable range, usually not more than 0.05mm if not specified. The width of the key should be within the specified allowable range, if not specified, it will usually not exceed 0.08mm of the standard width. If the above various allowable values are exceeded, the keyway cannot be used except that the keyway is allowed to maintain a 120° position with the old keyway at the 120° position.


diesel generator

How to detect the axial clearance of diesel generator cam?

The axial clearance of the diesel generator cam is generally determined by the thickness difference between the thrust cam and the diaphragm. How to check the axial clearance of the diesel generator camshaft?


Axial clearance of diesel generator camshaft: gasoline engine is generally between 0.05~0.20mm and cannot exceed 0.25mm, diesel generator is usually 0.1~0.4mm and cannot exceed 0.5mm.


After the camshaft journal of diesel generator has been working for a long time, due to the increase of wear and clearance, the camshaft moves axially, which not only affects the normal operation of the valve train, but also affects the normal operation of the camshaft drive components. Therefore, this gap cannot be ignored in the maintenance and adjustment of diesel generator sets.


If the clearance exceeds the specified value, the thrust flange should be replaced, or a tin-based alloy should be poured on the end face of the thrust flange to achieve a normal clearance.


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