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Repair Method for Easily Damaged Parts of Generator Fuel Tank

Aug. 18, 2023

As we all know, the fuel tank on the generator is a container for storing diesel oil. It is generally stamped and welded from steel plates, and its inner surface is usually treated with anti-rust treatment. In order to prevent the diesel fuel inside the fuel tank from forming foam after being severely impacted, the interior of the fuel tank is generally divided into more spaces by partitions. The part higher than the fuel tank is the fuel filler hole, and the lower part of the fuel filler port is the filter screen. In order to avoid the vacuum inside the fuel tank during use, the upper part of the fuel tank cover is generally drilled with a vent hole, and the bottom of the fuel tank is provided with a fuel drain port.

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The vulnerable parts of the fuel tank: the parts that are easily damaged in the long-term use of the fuel tank are the welding points of the oil outlet pipe inside the fuel tank and the welding points outside the fuel tank. When the internal welding part has virtual welding or blisters, it will cause unstable operation or shutdown of the generator diesel engine during operation. In addition, if there are too many impurities at the bottom of the fuel tank, the above phenomenon will also occur.

The reason for the failure of the damaged fuel tank: The failure cause of the welding part of the fuel tank with virtual welding or blisters is that the welding quality of the manufacturer is not good enough or there is a large vibration during transportation.

Repair after the fuel tank is damaged: When the welding part of the oil outlet pipe inside the generator oil tank has virtual welding or blisters and air leakage, the oil outlet pipe should be removed from the outside of the oil tank, and then the oil outlet pipe inside the oil tank should be removed. After the oil outlet pipe is damaged, it can generally be welded by brazing method. After welding, the tightness of the oil outlet pipe should be checked.

When there is virtual welding or blisters on the external welding part of the generator fuel tank, ordinary welding rods can be used for welding, but the diesel oil inside the fuel tank must be cleaned up during welding. When there are too many impurities at the bottom of the fuel tank, it can be cleaned with diesel oil or gasoline, and then unscrew the oil drain screw at the bottom of the fuel tank to drain the diesel oil containing impurities.

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