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Repair and Maintenance of Generator Set

Sep. 20, 2018

6.1 General Provisions

Good maintenance and repair, the key of the long-term service life of the generator set, should be carried out by the qualified technical personnel. Good record shall be made in case of maintenance and repair, which will be helpful to arranging the working procedures of maintenance and repair in the future.

In general, the generator set shall be kept clean without liquids such as: fuel oil or lubricating oil piled up on any internal or external surfaces and on the surface of, under and around the sound absorption (if the device is available) materials. The industrial water solvent shall be used to clean the surface of the machine, but the flammable solvents can not be used for cleaning. For instance, the protection of the sound absorption material is torn down or penetrated, it should be replaced immediately so as to prevent the liquid or oils penetrated and accumulated on the material.

6.2 Preventative Maintenance

For the situations of the use of generator set is not the same, the requirements for maintenance are different. For

the detailed maintenance of the diesel engine, please refer to Manual for Diesel Engine. For it is associated with this chapter, the use shall read the relevant parts to practice by combining this chapter. The maintenance work can be performed more frequently than that according to the requirements of this chapter.

6.2.1 Daily maintenance and after-star-up maintenance per time: for the prepared generator set, these procedures can be performed once to visually check the surrounding area of the machine before start-up per time or day. The check before start-up specified in section 5.2 shall be performed here at the same time. For the check procedures of the diesel engine, please refer to Manual for Diesel Engine, in which the requirements can be seen the supplement of the section 5.2.

6.22 Check (referring to the reserve machines not always started) the machine every two weeks and start the machine to run for five minutes.

WARNING! Do remember not letting the diesel machine run under low load.

6.2.3 Check (referring to the reserve sets running without load increased) and start the machine to make run for five minutes and increase at least 50% load to run for 1-2 hours every month. 6.2.4 Check every 6 months or 250 hours:

1. Check the protective devices of the control system by adopting fault simulation method.

2. Clean the exhaust hole.

3. Tighten all connectors of the exhaust pipe

4. Tighten all connects of the electrical equipment.

5. Perform other special maintenance of the diesel machine listed in the Manual for Diesel Machine.

6. Observe all instruments on the control screen to see if the running is normal after starting the machine.

diesel generator set

6.2.5 Preventative maintenance of alternator: it’s not necessary to perform daily maintenance of the alternator but it is required to check and clean the coil of the alternator regularly. Please to refer to the maintenance of alternator and Alternator Manual specified in section 8.2.

6.2.6 Preventative maintenance of alternator: in line with the requirements provided by the Manual for Diesel Engine, read this manual and perform frequent maintenance to maintain its highly efficient performance.

6.3 Dismantlement of Generator and Alternator

Dismantlement of diesel engine or alternator shall be started according to the following procedures:

1. Dismantle the circuit from power supply to the auxiliary equipment (such as: hot water jacket). 2. Disconnect the circuit for battery charging and battery wire (firstly dismantle the cathode), and move battery if necessary.

3. Provided that the generator has cap, then it is necessary to loosen the bolts fixed at each side of the cap, dismantle the exhaust pipe, and then move the cap away.

4. When dismantling the control screen, it’s necessary to dismantle all lines & bearers and fully ensure all the lines can be connected again.

5. If the diesel engine and alternator are dismantled, the rings of the diesel engine and alternator can be used to life them independently. But the bolts fixed at their chassis initially.

6.3.1 Only Dismantle Diesel Engine

1. In case of only dismantling the diesel engine, the hose pipe of the circuit on the diesel engine shall be dismantled initially.

2. Provided that the only foot of alternator is at the chassis, the front end of the alternator shall be stationed well by using the bearer when dismantling the diesel engine.

3. Removing the chassis bolt on the diesel engine and loosening the fixed bolt of the alternator might be helpful to dismantling diesel engine.

4. Remove the protection cover of the fan of alternator.

5. Use lifting hook or wooden bearer to hold it up, be careful and don’t destroy fan blade.

6. Dismantle the diesel engine and alternator

7. Use the elevated crane or similar devices to lift it at the end of the diesel engine.

8. Dismantle the bolt of joint shell.

9. Now, move the generator forward until it is completely separated from alternator and the chassis can be lifted away.

6.3.2 Only Dismantle Alternator

1. In case of only preparing to dismantle alternator, then it is necessary to station the rear part of the diesel engine firmly.

2. Dismantle hose pipe of the circuit.

3, Dismantle the bolts fixed the chassis of the generator.

4. To dismantle the protective cover the alternator fan, it is necessary to firmly station the front part of the generator. Use a bar to fix the central line at the bottom firmly. In doing so, it is restrained from shifting to the gas gap to prevent the axis and magnetic coil from being destroyed.

5. Dismantle the alternator from the diesel engine according to the descriptions specified in section 6.3.1.

6. Use crane or similar devices to lift the alternator, and make the overall alternator slide back to chassis and then lift it away.

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