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Regularly Remove Impurities at The Bottom of Generator Set Fuel Tank

Aug. 18, 2023

For the problem of regularly removing the impurities deposited at the bottom of the fuel tank of the generator set after use, everyone knows that the generator set is composed of a diesel engine, a generator, and a generator control system. Some diesel engine manufacturers have matching water tanks, while others do not. Therefore, when our diesel generator manufacturers produce generator sets, it is inevitable to pay attention to matching the correct water tank radiator.

Yuchai power generator set

Regular inspection and maintenance of Fengfa diesel generators. Carefully maintain and maintain, so as to regularly check and adjust the valve clearance, fuel injection pressure, fuel supply time, etc., and timely eliminate the scale and dirt on the cooling water jacket. Periodically remove some minerals or impurities deposited at the bottom of the diesel generator fuel tank after use. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will affect the normal operation of the plunger and the fuel injection head, resulting in inaccurate fuel supply time, uneven fuel supply, poor fuel atomization, etc., resulting in an increase in fuel volume.

Maintain a certain water temperature during use. The cooling water temperature of the diesel generator is maintained at about 45 degrees to 65 degrees. If the water temperature is too low, it will cause incomplete combustion of diesel oil and increase the load of the machine itself. The cooling water should not abuse sewage, muddy water or rainwater.

Do not overload the generator set. Overload operation will turn a considerable part of diesel into black smoke and fail to exert its due performance, increasing fuel consumption and shortening the service life of related parts. Clean the coke from the generator set in time. When the generator set is running, the relevant parts will generate high temperature during the combustion process, causing the ash carbon polymer to adhere to the valve, valve seat, fuel injector, piston top, etc. If it is not cleaned in time, it will increase the fuel consumption and seriously affect the normal operation of the generator set.

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