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Regular Maintenance of Heavy Duty Diesel Generator

Sep. 20, 2022

Diesel generators are usually designed to use diesel fuel. Moreover, diesel generators require less maintenance due to their long service life, durability and reliability, and their operating costs are lower due to low fuel costs and ease of use. However, if you want your diesel generator to operate well, regular maintenance is necessary.


1.Build a machine room or configure a container for the diesel generator


It is not a good installation method to expose the open frame diesel generator to the open air. For example, when it rains, the rain may flow into the electrical components, causing damage and corrosion. Sand and dust weather and cold rain and snow weather will also cause losses to the diesel generator. If possible, the best choice is to put your diesel generator in the engine room or basement. If not, configure a container for the diesel generator or build a simple structure to protect the machine.


2. Regular operation of diesel generator


In order to make diesel generator run smoothly, it is necessary to ensure that it runs at least once a month. Turning on the generator will charge the batteries and make them ready for work when you need them most. You also do not want to be in a situation where the generator is needed and the battery is out of power.

 soundproof generator

3.Select the appropriate power cord


The type and size of wires used will have a significant impact on the life and health of the generator. A smaller power cord will cause the voltage to increase to a capacity detrimental to the motor. The larger heavy-duty power cord can better maintain the voltage at the required position, and help reduce the chance of motor burning out prematurely. In addition, when considering the size of the power cord, you should also consider the length of the power cord. Most generators make a lot of noise. Therefore, buying a long line may be a better choice to keep the noise level of the generator at a certain distance.


4.Make sure that the oil and coolant are sufficient


Make sure there is enough coolant, oil and anything else you may need to run the diesel generator properly. Usually, if you use a diesel generator, you have experienced a period of tension. Under bad circumstances, no one wants to spend time shopping for supplies. Be sure to check the engine oil regularly. In addition, the oil and filter must be replaced at the proposed intervals. One of the key factors to be considered is environmental hazards, which is why it should be properly handled to avoid environmental hazards. Always check the coolant level. Check whether there are obstacles, dirt or dirt outside the refrigerant.


5.Fuel system


It is proposed to replace the main fuel of the diesel generator set every 6-12 months to avoid degradation and pollution of the main fuel. If you want to store diesel for a long time, or if you buy a second-hand diesel generator, but the main fuel is not completely exhausted. It is extremely important to take appropriate measures to maintain the quality of major fuels. Modern diesel blends containing biodiesel are likely to deteriorate within six months. The threat to the pollution of the main diesel fuel has brought security risks to the power in critical applications, which should be maintained to improve the service life of the generator.


6.Check the ventilation of the machine room and the diesel genset


Your generator has several vents to help the machine work properly. If these vents are blocked due to debris or other objects placed too close, electrical burns may occur. Always ensure that the entire area around the generator is cleared while the generator is running. Make sure that the generator is free of debris and debris.

7.Understand your diesel generator needs

Each diesel generator has its designed purpose and is not suitable for all scenarios. Therefore, before you purchase the diesel generator, please consult the professionals, who can provide you with appropriate suggestions on diesel generator selection according to your use mode. Choosing to buy a heavy duty diesel genset than you need may cause a lot of maintenance problems, as well as too small diesel generators. In the long run, choosing the most suitable diesel generator can save you unnecessary expenses.


8.Generator capacity: load test


Each time you use the generator, you may only use it under a specific, reduced load. It is recommended that you purchase more power than you actually need, which is actually the rule of thumb for commercial diesel generators. However, it is good to test its operation with full load from time to time, because it can eliminate harmful accumulation in the fuel system. The best way is to arrange a monthly load test by professional generator maintenance technicians. A load test is a simulation that tests how your generator operates at full load and whether it can maintain power without overheating and stopping. This is also an effective test of all components in commercial diesel generators, as it enables them to operate at high intensity. This is the best way to find any faults.

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