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Regular Maintenance Of Diesel Generator Sets Can Provide Stable Power

Dec. 23, 2021

Any equipment needs maintenance to ensure its good performance. Diesel generator sets are no exception, whether it is a large factory that needs diesel generators to power their plant equipment or small companies or owners who use diesel generators during power outages, regular maintenance of diesel power generation The unit can ensure that it provides you with stable and reliable power during its life cycle. If you still don't know how to perform regular maintenance on the diesel generator, then this article will be of great benefit to you.


Perform routine inspections

When a diesel generator is running, its exhaust, electrical, and fuel systems must be closely monitored to detect any leaks that may cause dangerous incidents or endanger the lives of operators. Diesel generators contain internal combustion engines, so proper maintenance is essential to ensure smooth and efficient operation.


A good practice is to perform repairs, such as oil changes, after your generator has been running for more than 500 hours. For places where the generator runs for a long time, such as a construction site, the service time is shorter because the generator runs the construction equipment. If your diesel generator is not performing well, it is time to check it to find out the problem.


the generator

Lubrication Service

If you want diesel generators to run as efficiently as possible, you need to check the oil regularly. Turn off the generator and use the dipstick to check the oil level in the generator. After turning off the generator, wait for a period of time to allow the oil to fall back into the crankcase from the upper part of the generator engine. Use a dipstick to measure the oil level. Insert it into the oil inlet and check if the oil level is close to the maximum mark on the dipstick. Always use the same brand of engine oil, because it may be different if you change the brand of engine oil.


While changing the generator's oil, don't forget to clean the oil filter or replace it when it cannot be repaired. If you don't know how to check the oil, please refer to its manual and follow the steps mentioned in it. You must use high-quality engine oil to ensure that your generator runs efficiently without any problems.


Fuel System

Diesel fuel is usually contaminated after being left in one place for more than a year. Therefore, you must run out of fuel during this time. In addition, the fuel filter needs to be drained regularly to ensure that no water vapor deposits on it. If you leave fuel in a diesel generator, your generator may require fuel polishing. There are many products on the market that allow you to clean and purify the fuel system of the generator. However, it is a good practice to empty the fuel tank and change to fresh diesel. Preventive measures include procedures such as coolant level, oil, fuel, and start-up system checks.


Test battery

Uncharged or low-charged batteries are common reasons why diesel generators refuse to start. You should keep the battery of the generator charged to make sure it turns on when needed. In addition, clean them regularly and check their specific gravity and electrolyte levels. Checking the battery output is not the only way to test its health. As the generator battery ages after continuous use, its internal resistance will increase. The only way to check the health of the battery is when it is under load. A good idea is to use a battery tester. With the help of a resistive load meter, you can check the condition of the generator battery. The working principle of the resistance load meter is to apply a 5% load on the battery to check whether it is working properly.


To clean the battery, use a damp cloth to wipe any dirt or dust on the battery. In addition, do not let the solution enter the battery cell, as it may damage your battery. After cleaning the terminals, apply grease to the terminals to avoid corrosion.


Keep the generator clean

When it comes to diesel generators, oil droplets are a problem. When your generator is new, it is easy to spot and drip oil. But when it gets old, you will have to look around for the source of dripping water. Visual inspection is the best way to spot drips, hoses and belts. Regularly checking your diesel generators for such problems will enable you to correct them and avoid damage that may occur over time. The more you use a diesel generator, the more service it needs.


Cooling system

After turning off the diesel generator, remove the radiator cap and check whether the coolant is at the optimal level. If the coolant level is low, fill it up with the correct type of coolant. Don't forget to check the exterior of the diesel generator radiator for obstacles or any other types of damage. If it is dirty or dusty, use compressed air to remove it.


The above items are all essential links in the maintenance of diesel generator sets. Users must carefully maintain the diesel generator sets on a regular basis in order to maximize the performance of the diesel generator sets. At the same time, it can also make the service life of the diesel generator set longer.


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