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Reasons For The Tripping Of Cummins Generator Sets

Nov. 29, 2021

Cummins generator sets are widely used in many fields. However, some customers always encounter the problem of tripping during the use of Cummins generator sets. What do you think are the reasons that cause Cummins diesel generator sets to trip? The following details are Everyone introduces:


1. Check whether the generator indicating device has an obvious failure symbol. Sometimes the excitation should be cut off immediately. If there is no abnormal symbol, when the machine and furnace are in good condition, the duty personnel should adjust the generator voltage and frequency within the normal range, and check whether the high-voltage power supply of the unit is tripped and whether the starting transformer is connected to each other. Whether the power supply is normal.


2. According to the accident phenomenon and relay protection action, judge the nature and scope of the fault, and conduct a detailed external inspection of the generator transformer unit and related equipment to determine whether there are external fault characteristics.


Cummins generator set

3. If the busbar differential causes generator overcurrent protection, or the substation fault causes generator overcurrent protection, check that the generator is normal outside, and after the fault is isolated, contact the network to adjust and connect to the grid.


4. Before the trip, if there is a strong excitation, there is a current surge, which reflects the main protection (differential, heavy gas, etc.) of the internal fault of the generator-transformer unit. The grid is operating normally, and it should be dealt with at this time.


5. If there is no strong excitation, there is no inrush current before the trip, the grid is operating normally, the engine and the furnace are normal, the water and hydrogen oil systems of the generator and the main transformer are normal, such as checking the generator and its circuit, checking the action protection, such as all Normal generators can start at zero voltage. If everything is normal during the boost process, the generator can be connected to the grid, and then continue to find out the cause.


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