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Reasons for The Stuck Nozzle of Cummins Generator Set

Sep. 03, 2021

Cummins generator set injector needle valve assembly is one of the three pairs of precision couplings in the diesel fuel supply system. Its normal service life is above 1000h. However, due to improper use, it is often worn out and stuck for hundreds of hours or even dozens of hours after use. In this article, Starlight power generation equipment will be explained in detail.

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The main reasons for the stuck needle valve of the injector:

1. The fuel injection pressure is too low, causing the high-pressure gas in the combustion chamber to flow back.

2. Parts manufacturing reasons, such as the injector mounting hole on the cylinder head is too tightly matched with the injector, the gap between the injector body and the mounting hole on the cylinder head is too small, and the injector mounting hole on the cylinder head is too deep wait.

3. The fuel outlet valve is worn, causing the fuel injector to drip when the fuel is stopped, which causes the fuel injector to burn coke and deposit carbon, resulting in a stuck fault.

4. The diesel is not clean, and there are impurities in the high-pressure fuel pipe, which accelerates the wear of the fuel injector nozzle assembly, and makes the fuel injection nozzle assembly not tightly closed. The high pressure gas in the combustion chamber reverses and burns the fuel injection nozzle assembly. In addition, the dirt on the injector pressure regulating spring, tappet and other parts is moved to the injector assembly through the injector tappet, or the cotton rope, lead wire, etc. used to prevent oil leakage on the oil line enters through the high-pressure oil pipe The fuel injector will cause the fuel injector assembly to jam.

5. When installing the fuel injector, the missing gasket or the gasket is damaged, causing air leakage, causing the local temperature of the fuel injector to be too high and blocking.

6. The engine temperature is too high and the fuel injector is not cooled well, causing the fuel injector to be stuck. However, too late fuel supply time, excessive scale or blockage of the cooling water channel, wear of the end face of the water pump impeller, and long-term overload operation of the diesel engine will cause the diesel engine to overheat.

After the fuel injector of the Cummins generator set is stuck, it will cause the following adverse effects on the diesel engine:

1. The diesel engine has insufficient power. If the fuel injector assembly is completely stuck, the fuel will not be injected into the cylinder, which will cause the diesel engine to have a phenomenon that individual cylinders do not work, so the diesel engine will experience insufficient power failure.

2. The diesel engine emits black smoke. If the fuel injector assembly is not completely stuck, but the movement is not flexible, it may cause the fuel injector to drip, pee, etc. This will cause the diesel engine to burn badly and emit black smoke.

The above content is summarized by Starlight Power Equipment about the reasons for the stuck fuel injectors of Cummins generator sets. If you have any questions welcome visit our website or send email to us sales@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will very happy to serve you.

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