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Reasons for The Malfunction of Volvo Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 20, 2023

The Volvo diesel generator set engine is an engine that burns diesel to obtain energy release. The prerequisite for the normal operation of Volvo diesel generator sets is that well atomized diesel can be accurately and timely injected into the combustion chamber, and the compressed air in the combustion chamber must reach sufficient temperature to ignite and explode.

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To meet the above two conditions, it is necessary to have a sufficiently high speed and a certain temperature in the cylinder when starting the Volvo diesel generator set. When the Volvo diesel generator set cannot be started, the reasons should be found from aspects such as starting work, fuel supply system, and compression.

Reason 1: The ambient temperature is too low, causing the Volvo diesel generator set to fail to start. In low temperatures, the unit should be preheated properly, otherwise it is difficult to start.

Reason 2: The low starting speed caused the Volvo diesel generator set to fail to start. For manually started units, the speed should be gradually increased, and then the pressure reducing handle should be turned to a non pressure reducing position to ensure normal compression in the cylinder. If the pressure reducing mechanism is not adjusted properly or the valve is pressing against the piston, it often feels difficult to shake the car. Its characteristic is that the crankshaft cannot rotate when turned to a certain position, but can be retracted.

At this point, in addition to checking the pressure reducing mechanism, it is also necessary to check whether the meshing relationship of the timing gear is incorrect. For Volvo diesel generator sets that use an electric starter, if the starting speed is extremely slow, it is mostly due to the inability of the starter, which does not mean that the Volvo diesel generator set itself has a malfunction. A detailed inspection should be conducted on the electrical wiring to determine whether the battery is fully charged, whether the wire connections are tight, and whether the starter is working properly.

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