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Reasons For The Inefficient Operation Of Diesel Generator Sets

Dec. 24, 2021

Diesel generator sets are important power supply equipment in an industrial environment. For diesel generator sets to operate smoothly and efficiently, users must not ignore some of the problems that can cause unit failures. The following Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. lists several common generator problems for you. We hope that all users will pay attention to it to prevent the unit from shutting down due to failure.


1. Fuel supply.

Generally, operators will not provide enough fuel during operations. The obvious effect of insufficient fuel is that the generator shuts down because there is no combustible power, but another less-thinked effect is drawing air into the fuel system. In addition, unscheduled operation of the generator will cause air to appear in the fuel system, which may shut down the diesel generator.


Companies that do not implement regular maintenance plans and lack regular use often accumulate fuel in the fuel tank. Stagnant fuel will cause water to condense, which in turn will accelerate the growth of microorganisms. This can cause the appearance of pollution and destructive sludge, which can damage the fuel filter, cause blockages and cause leakage.


2. Improper power and load.

A common mistake is improper selection of industrial diesel generators. Companies usually want to purchase larger diesel generators than their applications require as a way to expand to meet future needs. Unfortunately, running the generator under a light load can cause serious damage and wasteful inefficiency. Whenever the diesel generator is running, you must use at least 35% of the load capacity. Diesel engine dealers often encounter problems with customers saying they will add additional equipment in the near future. Unfortunately, if it does not happen fast enough, the diesel generator they just purchased will run inefficiently and may be damaged.


diesel generators

A prominent problem caused by improper loading is wet piles. This usually happens when the diesel generator is not running with a large enough load. As a result, the operating temperature of the engine is insufficient to properly seal the expansion joints in the exhaust system. Too light a load does not completely burn diesel fuel, which causes wet fuel to accumulate in the engine block. Together, these problems cause wet fuel to leak through the exhaust pipe, which can lead to major problems such as destructive fires.


3. Ignore the maintenance of the unit.

Failure to regularly maintain diesel generator sets is the most easily overlooked problem for some problems. In addition to preventive maintenance, users should also pay attention to checking the wear and tear of diesel engine components, otherwise problems will occur.


Correct maintenance of diesel generator set is the key to efficient operation of the set. Develop a maintenance plan that is consistent with the manufacturer's and dealer's recommendations, which usually includes routine, semi-annual and annual diesel generator service. Regular maintenance mainly includes cooling system, fuel system, air intake and exhaust, lubricating oil system, starting system, engine monitor, safety control and control panel, automatic transfer switch, oil and fuel filter replacement and water separator maintenance etc.


Solutions to common problems of diesel generators.

Regular maintenance and maintenance of diesel generator sets can solve most common problems. When purchasing a generator set, general users usually sign a planned service agreement with the diesel generator manufacturer. The planned service agreement is a key solution to alleviate and prevent problems related to generators in industrial environments. In addition, working with diesel generator manufacturers and distributors will outline the correct usage method to ensure that the correct load is used regularly.


The above are the common problems and solutions of diesel generator sets introduced by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.


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