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Reasons For The High Temperature Of Diesel Generator Oil

Jul. 01, 2021

Why is the oil temperature too high? The oil temperature of the diesel generator is too high, generally due to the failure of the cooling system, the Lubrication system is not clean, resulting in oil dirty. The compression system leaks air and the working environment is poor. The oil temperature control thermostat is out of order, or using poor quality oil and other reasons. The following by Starlight Power for your detailed introduction.  


1. The lubrication system is not clean, the oil is too dirty, and the oil circuit is blocked. For example, the oil filter is blocked, the resistance is increased, and some or all of the oil cannot pass through the filter. The cooler enters the main oil passage directly from the relief valve, resulting in excessive oil temperature. This is usually due to improper maintenance, not in time or the use of inferior oil that does not meet the requirements, the wrong brand of oil, too dirty oil and other reasons. Therefore, diesel engines are generally required to clean the crude oil filter once every 50~60 hours of work.


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2. Cooling system failure, such as the incrustation of cylinder block or cylinder head water jacket is too much, too thick, they are both can cause poor heat dissipation, further causes the temperature of the diesel engine to rise, causing the heat load of the oil to increase, thus making the oil temperature rise.  At this time, the scale should be completely removed and used with soft water. If the oil cooler does not work properly, it will also make the oil temperature rise.


3.Diesel power generation for a long time overload operation, or oil pump damage, or the main bearing and connecting rod bearing clearance is too small. In addition, such as high oil level, crankcase vent blockage, oil temperature gauge failure, all will lead to high oil temperature.


4.Compression system leakage, high temperature gas into the crankcase, cause the oil temperature rise. At this situation, the crankcase can be clearly heard and it is similar to the sound of knocking cylinder, and there  will be a lot of gas out. The direct cause of leakage is: the piston ring is not close to the cylinder wall, at the beginning of the working stroke, part of the high temperature gas into the crankcase; Piston ring lack of elasticity or opening clearance is too large, or assembly of the ring opening overlap, resulting in leakage; Due to wear and tear, the cylinder walls deteriorate in relation to the pistons and piston rings, which can also cause unsealing and leakage.



5. Quality of oil. If you choose poor quality oil for the diesel generator , the oil temperature will also be too high.


6. The oil temperature control thermostat fails. If the oil temperature control thermostat fails, it cannot be fully turned on, because it is a small circulation, so the oil temperature is very high.


7. Due to the poor working environment and more wind and dust, after long-term use of diesel generators, a thick layer of putty will be stuck on the body and the oil pan, and the heat is difficult to emit, which will also lead to too high oil temperature. At this time, putty should be completely removed, usually pay attention to keep the body and oil pan clean.


Diesel generator oil temperature control needs to start from the above 7 aspects, to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system and lubrication system, to ensure that the compression system does not leak, the working environment of the diesel generator set is no wind, dust, etc., so as to keep the oil temperature of the generator set at normal temperature, to ensure the normal operation of the generator set.


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