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Reasons for The Carbon Brush of Perkins Diesel Generator Set Wear Fast

Mar. 17, 2023

In the Perkins diesel generator set, the carbon brush realizes the current commutation by cooperating with the commutator. The main component of the carbon brush is graphite, which is generally soft and wear-resistant, not easy to cause sparks and not easy to deteriorate and oxidize, so it is an essential component in the diesel generator set. However, when the Perkins diesel generator set runs for a long time, we will find that the carbon brush will wear. Do you know why?

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Starlight will discuss with you the reason why the carbon brush wears fast. During normal operation, the contact between the carbon brush and the commutation pole is unavoidable. It is also normal that some weak sparks are generated due to the continuous sliding friction. But sometimes, especially when the carbon brush has just been replaced, the spark will be larger, the carbon brush will wear faster, and the rotor will be burned in serious cases. The main reasons for these phenomena are as follows:

1. The spring pressure on the carbon brush of Perkins diesel generating set is uneven, so the pressure should be adjusted properly to keep the pressure of each carbon brush balanced.

2. If the carbon brush of Perkins diesel generator set is hard or the model does not meet the requirements, replace the carbon brush model, and pay attention to the selection of high-quality carbon brush.

3. The brush holder of Perkins diesel genset is not fixed properly. The brush holder screw can be fixed tightly to keep parallel with the commutator.

4. Poor contact between the carbon brush and the commutator will also cause the carbon brush of the diesel generator set to wear quickly and the spark is relatively large.

5. When the carbon brush holder of Perkins diesel generating set is misaligned, the carbon brush holder should be moved to the correct position.

6. Short circuit. This is quite common. Check the circuit at any time.

After understanding these reasons, we should take the initiative to avoid these phenomena in the future operation, and at the same time, we should also do a good job in the maintenance of carbon brushes, so as to achieve regular inspection, regular maintenance and timely replacement, and ensure that the carbon brushes of Perkins diesel generator set are in the best operating condition.

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