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Reasons for Steam Emission of The Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 14, 2023

In the troubleshooting of diesel generator sets, Dingbo power generation equipment has mentioned that abnormal smoke or the color of smoke that does not conform to common sense is a symptom of the fault. In addition, some abnormal steam emission is also a warning for the fault.

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Diesel generator sets may encounter steam from the refueling port due to factors such as oil quality and environmental temperature difference. How should we troubleshoot this issue? Next, the technical personnel from the diesel generator manufacturer will briefly explain to you based on their experience:

1. After starting the diesel engine, observe the exhaust smoke situation of the exhaust pipe. After 5 minutes, the exhaust smoke turns light gray, and a small amount of white vapor emerges at the fuel filler, which is within the normal range.

2. Check the oil quality of the engine oil to see if there is any deterioration.

3. After stopping the machine, disassemble the fuel injector and conduct an oil pressure test on it. The test results indicate that it is normal, indicating that the fault may have occurred in the combustion chamber or cylinder liner.

4. Take out the cylinder liner with the cylinder liner puller and check whether there is sand hole on the cylinder liner. If sand hole is found, replace the cylinder liner, assemble the piston connecting rod assembly, cylinder cover and rocker seat, and then adjust the valve clearance.

5. After the assembly of the diesel engine is completed, fill the water tank of the diesel engine with water, and then start the diesel engine to reach a speed of about 1000r/min and a speed of 10min. Then observe whether white steam is emitted from the oil inlet.

If no problems are found in the above directions, everyone needs to further inspect the cylinder head, cylinder gasket, and oil outlet to see if there are any problems in these parts that affect the operation of the diesel generator set. In high summer temperatures, it is particularly important to pay attention to the oil temperature, as high temperatures can also cause white steam to come out of the fuel filler.

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