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Reasons For Poor Atomization Of Yuchai Diesel Generator Set Injector

Apr. 13, 2022

Yuchai diesel generator sets have the advantages of compact structure, large power reserve, stable operation, good speed regulation performance, low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise, and are widely used in military, civil, marine and other fields. The fuel consumption rate and lubricating oil consumption rate are far better than those of similar domestic products. However, some users have reported that the injector of the unit has poor atomization. The following introduces the failure phenomenon and treatment plan of the injector.


Fuel atomization is that the fuel injection pump raises the fuel to a certain pressure and sends it to the annular oil cavity of the fuel injector. When the volume of the annular oil cavity is constant, due to the continuous increase of fuel oil, its density will increase accordingly, and the pressure will continue to rise. When the fuel pressure is greater than the starting fuel injection pressure of the injector, the needle valve is pushed up against the spring preload, and the fuel is rapidly injected into the combustion chamber. The volume of fuel injected into the combustion chamber expands and spreads violently, forming a mist, which is atomization.


Poor atomization of the injector means that the atomization quality of the fuel injected by the injector does not meet the specified requirements. Poor atomization of the injector will make the diesel engine difficult to start, increase fuel consumption, lack of power, white smoke at startup or low load, and black at medium and high load. If the atomization is extremely poor, or even dripping oil, it will also cause overheating and knocking of the diesel engine.


diesel engine

1. Fault phenomenon. The external manifestations of poor atomization of the injector (injection into thin lines, or oil droplets) are: the temperature of the diesel engine is high, the work is weak, and there is a knocking sound in the upper part of the cylinder. Black smoke came from the exhaust pipe, and part of the unburned diesel continued to burn, accompanied by a "crackling" sound.


2. Cause analysis. From the above, it can be seen that the poor atomization of the injector is mostly caused by the fuel pressure entering the annular oil cavity of the injector being lower than the starting fuel injection pressure and excessive fuel viscosity specified in the technical documents.


3. Maintenance method. Use the comparison method to adjust the atomization quality of the injector. In the absence of an injector test bench, the comparison method can also be used to adjust the atomization quality of the injector. On the two high-pressure fuel pipes of the fuel injection pump, one is equipped with a new fuel injector as a standard, and the other is equipped with the fuel injector to be checked and adjusted. Do not install the two injectors in the cylinder head, so that the injection directions of the two injectors are the same for easy comparison.


If the fuel injection beam of the inspected injector is thin or does not inject fuel, it means that the fuel injection pressure is too high. If the fuel injection is weak and the fuel beam is scattered, it means that the fuel injection pressure is too low. At this time, the injection pressure needs to be adjusted until it is equivalent to the atomization of the new injector. After the fuel injection pressure is adjusted, if the atomization still does not improve, it can be repaired or scrapped according to the corresponding method.


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