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Reasons for Low Backup Power Supply Voltage of Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 15, 2023

What do you think is the reason for the low backup power supply voltage of Cummins diesel generator sets? The application of Cummins diesel generator sets has brought convenience to people's lives, but there are still some problems in use. Below, the editor will share with you the reason for the low backup power supply voltage of Cummins diesel generator sets, including the low speed of the prime mover. The process is to adjust the speed of the prime mover to the rated value. If the resistance of the excitation circuit is too high, the treatment will reduce the resistance of the field rheostat to increase the excitation current. For semiconductor excitation diesel generator sets, it is necessary to check whether the additional winding joints are disconnected or connected incorrectly.

generator cummins

The exciter brush is not in the neutral position, which may cause handling issues or low spring pressure. Adjust the brush to the correct position, replace the brush, and adjust the spring pressure. Some rectifier diodes have been broken down, and the task is to inspect and replace the broken diodes. If there is a short circuit or grounding fault in the stator winding or excitation winding, the solution is to check the fault and remove it. The contact surface of the electric brush is too small, the pressure is insufficient, and the contact is poor. If it is caused by the uneven surface of the commutator, it can be polished with sandcloth at low speed, or the spring pressure can be adjusted.

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