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Reasons for Fuel Injection into The Oil Pan of Generator Set

Nov. 24, 2023

In the actual use of generator sets, there may be the phenomenon of fuel entering the oil pan. In order to prevent or minimize this phenomenon, this article will analyze the reasons for it for everyone

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1. Analysis of the PT fuel pump inlet of the generator set

The main function of the PT fuel pump is to add low pressure fuel (about 0.8~1.2MPa) and deliver it to the fuel injector. When the main shaft oil seal at the PT pump coupling fails, fuel will pass through this oil seal and enter the oil pan through the timing gearbox. At this point, the PT pump spindle oil seal must be replaced.

There is a dual purpose electromagnetic and manual shut-off valve at the outlet of the PT pump. When the ignition switch is turned on, the electromagnetic shut-off valve opens and the oil circuit is connected; When the ignition switch is turned off, the sealing ring of the shut-off valve is closed under the action of the spring plate, and the oil circuit is cut off. When the sealing ring of the shut-off valve fails or the diesel engine operates for a period of time, due to impurities in the diesel, the solenoid valve is not tightly closed. Fuel will also flow to the fuel injector through the shut-off valve and penetrate into the oil pan through the combustion chamber.

2. Analysis of fuel injection into the fuel injector of the generator set

The function of the fuel injector is to measure, pressurize (approximately 110-120MPa) the fuel output from the PT pump and inject it into the combustion chamber. When the nozzle hole of the fuel injector (normally about 0.2032mm) is too large or damaged, fuel will drip into the combustion chamber and seep into the oil pan during shutdown. At this point, it is necessary to dismantle and replace the abnormal fuel injector. If the upper and lower O-ring seals of the fuel injector fail, fuel will enter the valve chamber and combustion chamber through the seals at any time, and then penetrate into the oil pan.

3. Analysis of the fuel tank inlet of the generator set

The fuel tank of the PT fuel system is located at a higher position, and during shutdown, the fuel flows through the float tank and PT pump into the fuel injector, passes through the combustion chamber, and seeps into the oil pan. Moreover, due to the high position of the fuel tank, the return oil may not be smooth, especially when the return oil pressure decreases after shutdown. If the elevation of the fuel tank is too high, the return oil cannot return to the fuel tank and can only enter the combustion chamber and then enter the oil pan through the fuel injector.

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