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Reasons for Failure to Start The Single Cylinder Diesel Generator

Mar. 30, 2023

There are many reasons why a single cylinder diesel generator cannot be started. According to the location of the system where the fault occurs, we can divide the reasons for the ineffective start into two major sources: one is from the failure of the fuel system, and the other is from the compression system. Next, we will explain the Starlight separately.

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1. Malfunctions in the fuel system

There is mainly no oil in the oil tank or the oil tank switch is not opened; The oil tank is cracked and crumpled; The vent hole of the fuel tank cover is blocked; There is air in the fuel system; The diesel filter is blocked by impurities and dirt. Diesel fuel has high viscosity, low ambient temperature, and low fluidity. The diesel fuel deteriorates and has water, the diesel fuel cannot burn effectively, the diesel engine is difficult to start, and the combustion chamber insert starting hole is blocked by carbon deposits. The fuel supply advance angle is incorrect, and the camshaft cam is severely worn, resulting in a decrease in fuel supply. The oil outlet valve coupling is severely worn, and the oil outlet valve gasket is damaged or poorly sealed. The plunger coupling is severely worn, resulting in low oil supply pressure. The plunger is stuck in the plunger sleeve; The oil inlet hole of the plunger is blocked; The plunger adjusting head slides out of the speed regulating lever slot and is located in a non oil supply position, resulting in no oil supply. The spring force of the plunger spring or the oil outlet valve is weakened or broken. The nozzle couple parts are severely worn, the injection pressure is low, the atomization is poor, the oil dripping and return are too large, the injection deviation and the spray cone angle are unqualified. The spring force of the fuel injector pressure regulating spring decreases or breaks. The high-pressure oil pipe joint is not tightly sealed, causing serious oil leakage.

2. Failure of compression system and valve train

The main organism and cylinder head are severely deformed, and the cylinder gasket is aged, deformed, or unqualified in manufacturing; The tightening torque of the bolt is too high or too low, resulting in loose sealing and air leakage. The cylinder liner, piston, and piston ring are severely worn, with excessive cylinder clearance and increased piston ring edge clearance. The piston ring opening is turned around, with excessive opening clearance. The piston ring is coking and seizing, resulting in air leakage in the cylinder. The elasticity of the valve spring is weakened or broken; The intake and exhaust valves have carbon deposits or are severely ablated and worn, resulting in valve leakage. The clearance between the intake and exhaust valves is adjusted too small, resulting in lax valve closure. The valve lock clip and valve spring seat are worn, the valve pushrod is bent, broken or peeled off, and the intake and exhaust cams of the camshaft are severely worn, resulting in insufficient intake and dirty exhaust. The air filter or exhaust pipe is blocked. The timing gear is incorrectly installed and the marks are not aligned, resulting in a disordered valve timing phase. The pressure reducing valve is adjusted too tightly, resulting in air leakage due to lax valve closure, cracks in the engine body, cylinder liner, etc., and cooling water entering the cylinder. The crankshaft journal and connecting rod bearings at both large and small ends are worn, or the intake and exhaust valves are severely worn, resulting in increased sinking, resulting in a decrease in compression ratio.

Finally, Starlight recommends that when diagnosing a generator startup fault, you first understand the principle, be familiar with the generator structure, and gradually identify the cause of the fault based on the principle of going from the outside to the inside, from simple parts to complex parts. Do not disassemble the generator randomly to avoid causing misalignment of the generator parts.

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