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Reasons for Diesel in The Oil of PT Pump Diesel Generator

Jan. 08, 2024

The PT fuel pump of the diesel generator is a low-pressure fuel pump, which provides a maximum fuel supply pressure of 2Mpa to the fuel injectors. Its function is to transport fuel from the fuel tank to the engine; Provide fuel with specified flow rate and pressure for PT injectors; Control and adjust the engine speed, load, and operating conditions.

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The PT fuel system of a diesel generator is mainly based on the fact that any pressure change in a liquid filled system is immediately and equally transmitted to the entire diesel engine PT fuel system. The flow rate of fluid through a certain channel is directly proportional to the pressure of the liquid, the allowed passage time, and the cross-sectional area of passage. For the PT pump fuel system of diesel generators, in addition to the factors that cause diesel in the oil pan mentioned above, there are also special reasons. The specific reasons are as follows.

1. The manual shut-off valve of the fuel tank fails or forgets to close, causing diesel to flow into the fuel injector by itself through the float tank and PT fuel pump during shutdown, and then seep into the oil pan through the combustion chamber.

2. The main shaft oil seal of the PT fuel pump is damaged, causing diesel to enter the oil pan through the timing gearbox through this oil seal.

3. The sealing ring of the PT fuel pump electromagnetic cut-off valve has failed, and diesel flows into the fuel injector through the cut-off valve and seeps into the oil pan through the combustion chamber.

4. When the nozzle of the fuel injector is too large (normal value is about 0.2032mm) or damaged, fuel drips into the combustion chamber during shutdown, and then seeps into the oil pan.

5. The upper and lower O-ring seals of the fuel injector fail, and fuel enters the valve chamber and combustion chamber through the seals, and then seeps into the oil pan.

6. The float valve or conical valve in the float tank fails, and diesel seeps into the oil pan through the fuel injector in the float tank during shutdown.

7. The one-way check valve on the return pipe of the PT fuel system has failed, and diesel from the float tank flows to the injector on its own before seeping into the oil pan.

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