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Reasons For Abnormal Noise Of Valve Spring Of Diesel Generator

Dec. 02, 2021

When the diesel generator is idling, you can clearly hear the "clicking" and "buzzing" sounds on the valve cover. Engine acceleration performance is reduced in severe cases, accompanied by start-up delay and poor performance of a single cylinder. What caused it? So how to diagnose and treat it?


1. The reason for the ringing of the valve of the diesel generator.


(1) The valve spring is of poor quality, poor elasticity or skewed.


(2) The valve spring is broken.


2. Diagnosis and treatment of the noise of the valve spring of the diesel generator.


(1) The sound of the valve spring is mainly caused by the broken spring and the unclear sound of the valve foot. Whether the valve leaf spring is broken, it can be seen by disassembling the valve chamber cover.


(2) The speed can be changed when the noise is not obvious. When the torque of the diesel generator changes, the valve spring will emit an obvious non-rhythmic abnormal noise.


(3) When it is still, the valve cover can be disassembled and the spring can be checked with a twisting device, or the spring can be slid and knocked with a twisting device. If the sound is different from other springs and the sound is hoarse, it means that the spring is cracked or broken and should be replaced as soon as possible.


diesel generator

The loose sound of the valve seat ring of the diesel generator is more broken than the sound of the valve foot. The reasons are as follows:


1. The reason for the loosening of the valve seat ring of the diesel generator.


Reason one: The material and machining accuracy of the valve seat ring is unqualified, and it becomes loose due to temperature changes.


Reason two: The assembly interference is not enough, and the fit between the ferrule and the hole is not enough.


2. Diagnosis and treatment of loosening of valve seat ring of diesel generator.

When the diesel generator is in the compression stroke and the intake and exhaust valves are all closed, use high-pressure air to ignite the paper point from the installation hole of the injector, and place the paper point at the outlet or inlet of the exhaust pipe. If the fire blows out, it indicates that the exhaust valve seat ring or the intake valve seat ring is loose and should be replaced or reinstalled.


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