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Reasons For Abnormal Noise Of Cylinder Pulling Of Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 28, 2021

Diesel generator bearing shell noise is an extremely serious fault. Once the bearing shell noise is found, the vehicle should be stopped for maintenance immediately to prevent the biggest accident. The maintenance methods are as follows:


Method 1: When the diesel engine is cooled to normal temperature, drain the oil, remove the oil pan, and check whether the crankshaft bearing is loose or burnt out. If it is loose or burnt out, replace it.


Method 2: If the lubricating oil hole is misaligned due to loosening, a thin copper sheet should be placed on the back of the bearing bush and the oil hole should be reserved, if the bolt is loose, it should be reinforced.


Method 3: If there is a shortage of oil, supplementary provisions should be made. If the crankshaft is displaced axially, the end clearance of the crankshaft is too large, and the thrust pad should be replaced to make the end clearance of the crankshaft reach a certain standard. Generally, the end clearance of the crankshaft is required to be 0.05-0.25mm, and the maximum clearance is less than 0.30mm.


Eight reasons for the noise of cylinder pulling of diesel generators:

The pulling sound of diesel generator set refers to the knocking sound produced by the cylinder wall along the direction of piston movement. So what causes the diesel generator set to pull cylinder noise?


diesel generators

Reason 1: Irregular use, failure to operate according to the regulations during the running-in period of the unit, even causing the generator to run overloaded, and the temperature is too high, destroying the lubricating film between the oil cylinder and the piston, causing strain between the piston ring and the cylinder barrel. In severe cases, the piston expands too much, causing strain on the cylinder wall.


Reason 2: The maintenance is not standardized and the piston ring is not cleaned in time, causing the piston ring to lose elasticity in the ring groove and not clean in time.


Reason 3: Scraping off the carbon deposits and not cleaning them up, so that the extremely hard carbon deposit particles fall into the cylinder gap and form abrasive strains.


Reason 4: When assembling after maintenance, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall is too small, and the end clearance of the piston ring is too small.


Reason 5: When the piston ring is broken, the corner of the knife edge or the piston pin circlip falls off, causing the piston pin to escape from the cylinder.


Reason 6: The cooling system or lubrication system is faulty, causing poor heat dissipation and lubrication of the cylinder.


Reason 7: The load suddenly increases under cold start or low temperature, and the fuel atomization is not good, causing too much fuel to enter the cylinder, cleaning the lubricating film on the cylinder wall, and causing the cylinder to pull.


Reason 8: The deformation of the connecting rod causes the piston to skew in the cylinder.


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