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Reasons and Treatment Methods of Diesel Generators No Power Generation Part 1

Jul. 26, 2021

Diesel generators bring a lots of conveniences to life, but it is inevitable that you will encounter some problems in use. For example, when a diesel generator does not generate electricity, do you consider the reasons and the solutions? At this time, you could find the reasons according to the following analysis.

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1. Diesel generator overheating

(1) The diesel generator is not operated according to the specified technical conditions, such as the stator voltage is too high and the iron loss increases; the load current is too large, the copper loss of the stator winding is increased; the frequency is too low, so that the cooling fan speed is slow, affect power generation Machine heat; the power factor is too low, so that the rotor excitation current increases, resulting in heat of the rotor. It should be checked whether the instructions of the monitoring instrument are normal, such as not normal, to make the necessary adjustment and processing, so that the diesel generator operates in accordance with the prescribed technical conditions.

(2) The three-phase load current of the diesel generator is unbalanced. The overloaded-phase winding will overheat, and if the difference between the three-phase current exceeds 10% of the rated current, it belongs to the severe-phase current imbalance. Three-phase current imbalance produces a negative sequence magnetic field, thereby increasing loss, causing heat of components such as pole windings and ferrules. The three-phase load should be adjusted to keep each phase to maintain a balance as much as possible.

(3) The air duct is covered with dust, and the ventilation is difficult, causing difficult diesel generators. It should be removed from the dust, oil, so that the wind is unimpeded.

(4) The air temperature is too high or the water is too high, and the cooler has a blockage, and it should reduce the blocker in the cooler. Before the fault is not excluded, the generator load should be limited to reduce the temperature of the diesel generator.

(5) The bearing adds grease excess or too much. It should be added to the grease in accordance with the regulations, which is usually 1/2 to 1/3 (lower speed of the speed of the rotational speed, the lower limit of the speed), and does not exceed 70% of the bearing room should be suitable.

(6) Bearing wear, if the wear is not serious, so that the bearing is overheated; if the wear is serious, it is possible to make the stator and rotor, resulting in superheat of the stator and the rotor avoidance. Check the bearing without noise. If the stator and rotor friction should be found, it should be closed immediately or replace the bearing.

(7) The stator core is insulated and damaged, causing a short circuit, causing the amount of eddy current loss in the core to increase the stator winding when it is severe. The maintenance should be done immediately.

(8) The parallel wire break of the stator windings makes the current of other wires increase and heat, and should be closed immediately.


2. Diesel generator neutral line there is abnormal voltage

(1) Under normal circumstances, due to the reason for the high-end harmonic impact or manufacturing process, there is a very low voltage of the air gap under each magnetic pole, and the magnetic potential does not appear very low voltage. If the voltage is in one to count, it will not be dangerous. Do not have to be handled.

(2) The diesel generator windings are short-circuited or in the ground, resulting in deterioration of electrical equipment and diesel generators, easy to fever, should be mainly repaired in time to avoid accidents.

(3) The neutral line is no voltage when there is a load, and the voltage occurs due to the unevenness of the three-phase imbalance, and the three-phase load should be adjusted to balance it.

3. Diesel generator current is too large

(1) The load is too large and the load should be reduced.

(2) The phase short circuit or ground fault occurs in the transmission line, and the line should be repaired, and the fault can be returned to normal.

4. Diesel generator terminal voltage is too high

(1) The power grid voltage of diesel generator with the grid is too high, and the voltage of the diesel generator should be reduced.

(2) The failure of the excitation device causes the exciting device to be maintained in time.

5. Low power

Due to the insufficient compensation of the exciting device voltage source, the excitation current required to be provided is not available, so that the diesel generator end voltage is lower than the grid voltage, and the rated reactive power should be taken: the following measures should be taken:

(1) An three-phase regulator is accessed between the diesel generator and the excitation electrical device to improve the diesel generator end voltage, so that the magnetic potential of the exciting device gradually increases.

(2) Change the phase of the electromagnetic flux of the excitation device to the diesel generator terminal, so that the total magnetic spread of the synthesis is increased, and the resistance of thousands of euros and 10 W can be connected in parallel each of the reactors.

(3) Reduce the resistance of the varistor to increase the excitation current of the diesel generator.

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