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Radiator Air Resistance Fault of Diesel Generator Cooling System

Sep. 01, 2023

The radiator is an important component in the cooling system of diesel generators, and its heat removal capacity determines the working temperature of the cooling system to a large extent. The core structure of the radiator is tube-belt type, and the core tube is flat to reduce air resistance and increase the heat dissipation area. The heat dissipation belt is wave-shaped, and there are many small windows arranged regularly on it, which increases the air convection and improves the heat removal efficiency.

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The reason for the air resistance of the diesel engine radiator: the cover on the radiator is a combination of the air hole and the steam valve. When the cold water in the radiator is heated and expanded, the water vapor pressure rises, and the steam valve opens, so that the water vapor is discharged into the atmosphere from the valve hole; when the water temperature decreases, the outside air will enter the radiator through the valve hole, keeping the inside of the radiator stable pressure.

If the valve hole is blocked or the piston cover is lost, the user will use a common cover plug to seal it. When the water temperature decreases, a negative pressure will be formed in the radiator to generate air resistance, and the circulating water volume will be insufficient. When the water temperature rises, it affects the heat removal performance of the radiator and the engine, and in severe cases, the radiator sleeve will expand. During use, ensure that the public air holes are unblocked and cannot be blocked, otherwise the heat removal performance of the radiator and the engine will be reduced.

The method to prevent the air resistance of the diesel engine radiator is to keep the valve hole unobstructed and the spring effective; if the cover is lost, it cannot be sealed with other materials, and the radiator opening cannot be opened, and new parts should be purchased in time to replace it. Diesel generator air resistance hazards:

1. When the water pump is working, the gas and coolant circulate together to reduce the flow of cooling water, causing the internal temperature of the diesel engine to rise, which will cause the diesel engine to overheat, resulting in local boiling in the water jacket of the diesel engine, resulting in a rapid increase in local thermal stress. 

2. The air in the coolant will cause local cooling imbalance, and the burning exhaust gas and the coolant are prone to chemical reactions to form acids, which will cause parts to rust and corrode, and shorten the deformation life of the parts.

3. The infiltrated gas will cause cavitation of the cylinder liner and the water pump and accelerate the damage.

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