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Principles of Judgment and Elimination for Diesel Engine Faults

Jul. 20, 2021

When the diesel engine of the diesel generator malfunctions, you should keep your head calm, check and analyze step by step and purposefully. You must not rush to check blindly or disassemble randomly. It should be based on the abnormal signs, noise, timing of occurrence, and law of change to find out the fault location.

Conduct detailed analysis and reasoning from the principle and structure level, and make correct judgments to find the cause of the failure. The general principles for judging the failure of diesel generators and diesel engines are: combine the structure, connection principle, clarify the phenomenon, combine the reality, from simple to complex, from the outside to the inside, section by system, and find the cause.

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1. Judge the failure from the overall analysis, troubleshooting must be comprehensive.

The various systems, components, and parts of the diesel engine in the diesel generator are closely related. If a component or a system or a part fails, it will inevitably involve the components or parts of other systems. Therefore, a failure phenomenon cannot be viewed in isolation, and the cause of the failure must be analyzed as a whole and the failure should be eliminated in time.

2. When looking for diesel generator and diesel engine failure, disassembly should be minimized as much as possible.

When troubleshooting, you cannot blindly disassemble the parts of the diesel engine. You must understand the structural principle and fault location of the diesel engine before disassembling. Disassembly can only be carried out on the basis of scientific and careful analysis.

3. To find faults, you must be careful, combining look, listen, touch, smell, and test to check in all directions.

In the absence of advanced testing equipment, the direct sensory diagnosis method is generally used for fault diagnosis. In general, it can be divided into: look, listen, touch, smell, and test.

Look: The external characteristics of the diesel engine during operation, such as whether the exhaust pipe is abnormal; whether the oil color is normal; whether the fuel system has leaking diesel; whether the cooling system and lubrication system have water or oil leakage; Whether the indicators of the diesel engine are abnormal; whether the nuts of the moving parts are loose; whether the diesel engine vibrates, etc.

Listen: It is mainly to listen to the abnormal noise of the diesel engine during operation, and judge the fault according to the nature and location of the abnormal noise. For example, whether the explosion sound of diesel in the combustion chamber is uniform; whether the impact sound of the piston, connecting rod, and crankshaft of the diesel engine is abnormal; whether the intake and exhaust valves and the timing transmission gear of the diesel engine have abnormal noises, etc.

Touch: Try it with your hands. Such as the pulsation of the oil pipe, the shaking of the unit; whether the temperature of the oil pipe or the oil shell is the same as the indication of the oil temperature gauge, etc.

Smell: Diagnose based on the smell from the faulty part. Whether the diesel engine smells of burning during the working process; whether the diesel engine smells of burning oil, etc.

Test: Test verification. For example, use single-cylinder ceasefire to diagnose abnormal noise of diesel engine and so on.

The above-mentioned methods should be specifically and flexibly applied according to the characteristics of different faults, and objectively analyze the faults through thinking, analysis, and reasoning to find out the cause of the fault and propose troubleshooting measures.

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