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Principles of Fault Diagnosis of Genset Electronically Controlled Engines

Sep. 01, 2021

The electronic control system of the electronic control engine of the diesel generator set is a sophisticated and complicated system, and its fault diagnosis is also difficult. The cause of the electronic control engine not working or working abnormally may be the electronic control system, or other parts of the problem, and the difficulty of the fault inspection is also different. If you can follow some basic principles of fault diagnosis, you can use a simpler method to accurately and quickly locate the fault. The basic principles of fault diagnosis and elimination of diesel generator set electronic control engine are as follows.

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(1) First outside and then inside

When the diesel generator set engine fails, first check the parts of the electronic control system that may fail, so as to avoid a failure that is not related to the electronic control system, but the system's sensors, controllers, actuators and Complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive inspections are performed on lines, etc. As a result, the real fault may be easier to find but cannot be found due to complicated inspections.

(2) Simplify first and then complex

When the electronic control engine of the diesel generator set fails, the parts that can be inspected in a simple way should be inspected first. For example, the intuitive diagnosis is the simplest, and you can quickly find out some of the more obvious faults by looking, touching, listening and other inspection methods.

If the cause of the fault is not found in the visual diagnosis, when the diagnosis needs to be carried out with the help of instruments or other special tools, the ones that are easier to check should also be checked first.

(3) Lightly matured

Due to reasons such as structure and operating environment, a certain failure phenomenon of the engine is often the most common failure of certain assemblies or components, and these common failure locations should be checked first. If the cause of the failure is not found, check other uncommon parts where the failure may occur. In this way, the cause of the failure can be found quickly, saving time and effort.

(4) Code first

Electronic control systems generally have fault self-diagnosis functions. When the electronic control engine is running, after the fault self-diagnosis system detects the fault, the fault is stored in the memory of the ECU in the form of code, and at the same time, the driver is alerted by warning lights such as "test engine". At this time, the fault code can be read manually or with an instrument, and the fault location pointed to by the fault code can be checked and eliminated. After the fault indicated by the fault code is eliminated, if the engine fault phenomenon has not been eliminated, or there is no fault code output at the beginning, then check the possible mechanical fault parts of the engine.

(5) Think before you act

The failure phenomenon of diesel generator set engine is analyzed first to understand the possible causes of the failure, and then the failure inspection is performed. In this way, the blindness of the fault inspection can be avoided, and the invalid inspection of the parts that have nothing to do with the fault phenomenon will not be performed, and the missing inspection of the relevant parts and the failure to quickly eliminate the fault can be avoided.

The above content is the basic principle of the fault diagnosis of the electronic control engine of the diesel generator set shared by Starlight Power Generation Equipment for the reference of the majority of unit users. If you have more knowledge about diesel generator technology, please visit the Starlight website or send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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