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Principles For Maintenance Of Standby Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 27, 2023

As a backup power supply, the diesel generator set can continuously provide stable power supply when the mains power is interrupted. Due to various reasons, mechanical equipment may fail. At this time, the first problem is to eliminate the cause of the failure and repair the unit. As a user of the diesel generator set, the user should also master certain diesel generator set maintenance techniques,Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. reminds you to follow the following 6 principles.


1. Think before you act.

Fault analysis shall be carried out for the fault phenomenon of the diesel generator set to find out the possible causes of the fault, and then fault inspection shall be carried out to avoid the blindness of fault inspection: no invalid inspection shall be carried out for the parts unrelated to the fault phenomenon, and the failure to quickly eliminate the fault due to the omission of some relevant parts.


2. Simplify first and then simplify.

Possible faulty parts that can be inspected using simple methods should be inspected first. For example, intuitive diagnosis is the simplest. We can use visual inspection methods such as seeing, touching, and listening to quickly identify some obvious faults. When visual diagnosis fails to identify the fault and requires the use of instruments or other specialized tools for diagnosis, it is also necessary to check the easier ones first.


3. First outside then inside.

In case of failure of the diesel generator set, check the possible fault parts outside the electronic control system first, so as to avoid the complex and time-consuming inspection of the system's sensors, computers, actuators and circuits, which are originally unrelated to the electronic control system, that is, the real fault may be easier to find but not found.


4. First cooked, then raw.

Due to structure, service environment and other reasons, a fault phenomenon of diesel generator may be the most common fault of some assemblies or components. These common fault parts should be checked first. If the fault is not found, other uncommon possible fault parts should be checked. This can often find the fault quickly, saving time and effort.


diesel generator set

5. Code priority.

The electronic control system generally has a fault self diagnosis function. When the electronic diesel generator is running, the fault self diagnosis system monitors the fault and stores the fault in the computer memory in the form of a code. At the same time, it alerts the driver through warning lights such as "diesel generator detection". At this time, the fault code can be read manually or by instruments, and the fault location indicated by the fault code can be checked and eliminated. After the fault indicated by the fault code is eliminated, if the fault phenomenon of the diesel generator has not been eliminated, or no fault code is output, then check the possible fault parts of the diesel generator.


6. Prepare before use.

The performance of some components of an electronic control system, as well as the normal electrical circuit, is often judged by parameters such as voltage or resistance. If there is no such data, it will be difficult to check the system's faults, and often only the method of replacing new parts can be adopted. These methods can sometimes lead to a sharp increase in maintenance costs and time-consuming work. Therefore, when repairing this type of generator set, it is necessary to prepare relevant maintenance data materials for the maintenance model. In addition to collecting and organizing maintenance data from maintenance manuals and professional books and magazines, another effective way is to use faultless generator sets to measure the relevant parameters of their systems and record them as inspection and comparison parameters for future maintenance of similar generator sets. If this work is done well in daily life, it will bring convenience to the system's fault inspection.


Following the above principles for diesel generator set maintenance can help you find and solve problems step by step from the easiest and most logical place. If you need professional technical support for maintenance, you can also contact us. Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of diesel generator sets and can provide you with one-stop services for diesel generator set design, supply, commissioning and maintenance.


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