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Principle of Cummins Diesel Generator Black Smoke Purifier

Aug. 12, 2023

Today, Dingbo will give you a brief introduction to the principle of Cummins diesel generator black smoke purifier. If you need to know something about it, you are welcome to consult our Dingbo website, and we will have professionals to explain it to you.

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Cummins diesel generator set black smoke purifier concept:

The black smoke purifier can be widely used in places that produce black smoke and dust, such as kitchen fire smoke, diesel generator set, boiler and paint spraying, where diesel fuel is used as fuel.

The flue gas generated during diesel combustion is mainly composed of particles with a diameter of 0.1-100 μ The carbon black molecular groups between m are composed of very small, light and non hydrophilic particles. When mixed with air, its inertia is almost as small as that of air.

The smoke is often mixed with many black smoke masses with a diameter of several millimeters, which are scattered around. The higher the chimney, the larger the polluted area. The principle of black smoke generation: during the flow of black smoke in the flue, some black smoke particles are continuously deposited on the inner wall of the flue to form a layer of cotton like sediment. When the sediment reaches a certain thickness, it will fall off, and then it will be carried by the hot smoke and rushed out of the chimney to form a highly polluting black smoke.

For particle size greater than 10 μ The black smoke mass of m can be easily filtered out. Even through a long pipe or in a certain space, it will settle down at a faster speed depending on its own weight.

For the particle size of 10 μ Molecular groups below m are called floating dust or floating particles. Common mechanical dust removal methods (cyclone or water spray) have little effect on them, and they can float in the air for a long time without settling easily, for example, the particle size is 1 μ The floating dust of m takes 20-100 days, less than 0.1 μ It takes even several years for the superfine particles of m to circle the earth without landing for years. These floating dusts have a great impact on the environment. For these pollutants, electrostatic adsorption is the most effective filtering method.

Working principle of Cummins diesel generator set black smoke purifier:

The black smoke purifier belongs to the "wet" composite fire smoke (dust) purification equipment. The main structure of the entire equipment is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials. This product uses the original advanced technology and corrugated inclined plate packing. The fan and purifier are connected as a whole. With aerodynamics, in the precision designed integrated structure, due to the force of the fan, agitated and boiling water layers and multi-layer water films will be produced in the purifier.

The black smoke (dust) is thoroughly purified after three times of water purification treatment and three times of mechanical purification treatment by comprehensively utilizing the principles of water vapor reverse impact, washing, water membrane filtration, foam absorption, enrichment, multiple mechanical collisions, closure, drop, condensation, efficient adsorption, etc.

Maintenance of Cummins diesel generator black smoke purifier:

The water in the water tank must be replaced every 2-3 days to ensure that the water tank is clean, so as not to affect the service life and purification effect of the water pump (special attention). If the water tank is not cleaned for a long time, it will accumulate thick ash scale, and the ash scale water will produce a lot of acidity, which will cause great damage to the internal structure of the water pump and the machine); If the machine has poor ventilation, please clean the filter screen inside the machine.

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