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Principle of Automatic Diesel Generator

Feb. 08, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the principle of automatic diesel generator.

In the cylinder of the diesel engine, the clean air filtered by the air filter is fully mixed with the high-pressure atomized diesel fuel injected by the fuel injector. Under the upward extrusion of the piston, the volume decreases and the temperature rises rapidly, reaching the ignition point of the diesel fuel. The diesel fuel is ignited, the mixed gas burns violently, the volume expands rapidly, and pushes the piston downward, which is called "work". Each cylinder works in a certain order, and the thrust acting on the piston turns into the force pushing the crankshaft to rotate through the connecting rod, thus driving the crankshaft to rotate.

standby generator set

When the brushless synchronous alternator and the crankshaft of the diesel engine are installed coaxially, the rotation of the diesel engine can be used to drive the rotor of the generator. By using the principle of 'electromagnetic induction', the generator will output the induced electromotive force and generate current through the closed load circuit. Only the most basic working principle of diesel generator for power generation is described here. In order to obtain usable and stable power output, a series of diesel engine and generator control and protection devices and circuits are also required.

Diesel generator is an independent power generation equipment, which refers to the power machinery that uses diesel as fuel and diesel engine as prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. The complete diesel generator is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, storage battery for starting and control, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. The whole can be fixed on the foundation for positioning and can also be installed on the trailer for mobile use. The diesel generator is small, flexible, portable, complete and easy to operate and maintain, so it is widely used in mines, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, factories, enterprises, hospitals and other departments as standby power or temporary power supply. At the same time, this small power generation diesel generator can also be used as a small mobile power station and become a backup power supply for many enterprises.

Jiangsu Starlight Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. The company has a registered capital of 218.88 million yuan. The company covers an area of 86,000 square meters and a building area of 55,000 square meters. There are more than 660 employees, including 456 professional technicians and 106 senior technicians. It has 46 sales and service outlets nationwide. The main products are diesel engines, generator sets, and diesel generators, providing users with a one-stop service of design, supply, debugging and maintenance at any time. Starlight has always insisted on using first-class talents, building first-class enterprises, manufacturing first-class products, creating first-class services, and making every effort to build a first-class domestic enterprise. If any question please feel free to visit our website https://www.dieselgeneratortech.com/ or send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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