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Preventive Measures Against Overheating Of Diesel Generators

Oct. 21, 2021

The main reasons for the overheating of diesel generators are insufficient cooling, excessive scale in the cooling system, water leakage, water shortage, long-term overload operation, and improper adjustment of the front angle of the fuel system.


1. Common causes of diesel generator overheating. Too little cooling medium in the combustion chamber causes the diesel generator temperature to be too high, long-term use of hard water cooling, the combustion chamber and various parts of the water channel are too thick, blocking the water channel, causing the water to circulate poorly and causing edema. When replacing the cylinder head gasket, the groove hole on the cylinder head gasket is not properly matched with the groove hole on the body and cylinder head, causing the liquid in the groove to flow into liquid. Too late front angle of fuel supply will delay and prolong the combustion period, and the heat will not be easily dissipated, resulting in overheating. The fifth is improper use and operation. After starting, slam on the accelerator pedal before turning off the engine, or work overloaded for a long time, causing the diesel temperature to be too high. The newly-purchased or overhauled diesel generator was not run-in and tested according to the regulations, resulting in too small fitting clearance and stuck.


Excessive temperature of diesel generators will increase vapor-liquid and steam consumption, the top edge of the cylinder is ablated, and the combustion chamber is partially burnt or deformed, the valve sealing ring is ablated, the exhaust emits serious black smoke, the vapor-liquid is thin, and the cylinder condition deteriorates. Major accidents such as tile burning and axle holding occurred. For the symptoms of overheating, the specific cause should be judged, symptomatic measures should be taken, and the symptoms should be eliminated in time. The overheating caused by the long-term black smoke emission of the diesel engine is mainly caused by the overheating of the diesel engine. For example, when the diesel generator is running, the sound of knocking or firing the cylinder, the diesel generator will overheat soon after it is loaded. The failure of the cooling system and the diesel engine should be considered. Overheating of the generator due to overload.


 diesel generator

2. Measures to prevent diesel generators from overheating. Do a good job in the daily maintenance of the diesel generator cooling system, and regularly clean the scale, impurities and silt accumulated in the body and cylinder head water channels to ensure that the water channels are unblocked. Rinse with softened water (softened water from snow, rain or hard water). Check and add enough assimilation liquid before starting. Correct use and operation. It is forbidden to yank the diesel engine before it starts and stops to avoid long-term overload operation of the diesel generator. Newly purchased or overhauled diesel generators must be run-in and tested in accordance with the instructions in order to put them into load operation. Correctly check and adjust the front angle of the fuel supply. When replacing the cylinder head gasket, make sure that the water channel holes on the cylinder head gasket match the water channel holes on the body and cylinder head.


Once the diesel generator set is found to be overheated, it should stop working immediately, reduce the speed of the diesel engine to zero, turn off the engine after the temperature of the zero-degree liquid drops, and check. Do not turn off the flame or add water to cool it immediately to avoid holding or cracking the cylinder.


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