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Preventive Maintenance Operations For Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 22, 2021

Due to the durability of diesel engines in diesel generator sets, most maintenance is preventive in nature. Preventive diesel engine maintenance includes the following operations: general inspection, lubrication service, cooling system service, fuel system service, maintenance and testing of the starting battery, and regular engine exercise.


Depending on the specific power application and the severity of the environment, it is usually a good idea to develop and follow a maintenance and service plan. For example, if the generator set will be used frequently or affected by extreme operating conditions, the recommended maintenance interval should be shortened accordingly. Some factors that may affect the maintenance plan include: continuous operation with diesel generator sets (main power), extreme ambient temperature, exposure to weather, salt water, dust, sand or other air pollutants, combustible materials, and volatile organic compounds substance.


If the generator set will be affected by some or all of these extreme operating conditions, it is best to consult the engine manufacturer to develop an appropriate maintenance plan.


As a backup power solution, stable performance of diesel generator sets is required, especially functions such as self-starting, stable operation with load, and automatic adjustment, which are directly related to its daily maintenance. Therefore, the unit can not ignore the routine maintenance in accordance with the technical specifications. The maintenance content of each level below is for users' reference.


diesel generator

Repair includes the following:

1. Routine maintenance (inspection, test, simple treatment, by the operator):

(1) Check the oil storage capacity of the oil storage tank and fill it up.

(2) Check the oil level of the oil pan.

(3) Clean diesel engine, water pump, generator and other auxiliary equipment. The key is the radiator.

(4) Check the cooling water level.

(5) Check whether the transmission belt is in good condition.

(6) Check whether the water preheating system of the unit is normal.

(7) Check the electrolyte level and floating charge of the starting battery.

(8) Check whether the ATS is operating abnormally.


2. Basic technical maintenance (maintenance work can be carried out by user maintenance personnel).

On the basis of completing daily maintenance work, basic technical maintenance also needs to complete the following tasks:

(1) Clean the oil tank and oil pan, and drain the oil.

(2) Proper replacement of diesel filter, mechanical filter, air filter, water filter and side filter.

(3) Change the oil.

(4) Check and tighten the seal (oil, water, gas).

(5) Check whether the electrical and cable connections are reliable.

(6) Drain the accumulated water in the oil-water separator.

(7) Check and adjust the charger and charger.

(8) Check, test and adjust the functions of the entire system.


3. Intermediate technical maintenance and advanced technical maintenance (should be completed by specially trained engineering and technical personnel, including primary maintenance):

(1) Thoroughly clean the fuel injection system.

(2) Thoroughly inspect and clean the lubrication system.

(3) Remove and clean the cylinder head, remove the carbon deposits, and remove the exhaust pipe to discharge oily fume.

(4) Check whether each transmission device is flexible, oily, rusty or damaged.

(5) Check whether the seal is sealed.

(6) Check and adjust the valve clearance.

(7) Check the turbocharger.

(8) Check and adjust the speed sensor.

(9) Clean the generator, check the insulation and wiring.

(10) Load test and calibrate the fuel supply pump.


The diesel engine set maintenance manual or industry operation procedures will put forward specific requirements for the operators, but for each diesel generator set in actual use, some adjustments should be made according to the specific situation.


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