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Preventive Maintenance Of Diesel Generators Plays A Key Role

Sep. 06, 2023

The modern power grid provides reliable power for the majority of enterprises and people's daily life, but it is still inevitable to encounter some power interruption problems caused by natural disasters or power grid equipment failures. At this time, diesel generators come in handy. However, since the standby diesel generator set is in shutdown state most of the time, in order to automatically start the diesel generator set in the event of a power failure, it is necessary for the user to carry out preventive maintenance on the generator set in peacetime. The generator manufacturer Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. said: correct and timely , careful maintenance plays a key role in the reliability of diesel generator sets. Preventive maintenance should include ongoing general inspections including checking the starting system, fuel system, coolant level and oil level.


Below is a list of maintenance procedures that diesel generators need to perform on a regular basis:

1. General inspection.

2. Lubrication service.

3. Cooling system service.

4. Fuel system service.

5. Repair and test the starter battery.

6. Run the engine regularly.


(1) General inspection of diesel generators.

Operators should be alert to possible mechanical problems during operation. Below are a few systems that require regular maintenance and upkeep.


Exhaust System: The user should regularly check the entire system, including the oil pipe, muffler and exhaust pipe. Check joints, gaskets, and joints for leaks, and check for proper fume extraction when starting industrial diesel generators.


Fuel System: Check the entire system, including fuel supply lines, return lines, filters and fittings.


Diesel Engines: Check fluid levels, coolant temperature and oil pressure frequently. Pay attention to whether there is any abnormal noise when the engine is running. When the abnormal noise occurs, it indicates that maintenance is required, and the machine should be stopped for troubleshooting.


(2) Lubrication service.

When the diesel generator is turned off, the engine oil level should be checked. Perform this check with the engine off for a more accurate reading. Follow the engine manufacturer's recommendations and check the oil and filter, then dispose of unusable materials in an environmentally friendly manner.


(3) Cooling system service.

Check the coolant level during shutdown. Once the engine has cooled, the radiator cap will be removed, large diesel generator engines require a balanced coolant mixture consisting of antifreeze, additives and water, use the engine manufacturer's recommended coolant solution and inspect the exterior of the radiator. Remove any dirt and foreign matter that may be causing the blockage.


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(4) Fuel system service.

Diesel fuel can become contaminated and spoiled over time, which is a big reason to run used generators regularly to run out of any stored fuel before it degrades. Drain the fuel filter as water vapor can build up and condense in the used generator tank.


Bacterial growth in the fuel can be a problem if industrial diesel generators are located in warm climates. Regular generator testing and fuel polishing are required in this climate if the fuel is not used up every three to six months.


(5) Battery or battery.

Insufficient battery charge is a common cause of failure of the backup diesel generator power system. Even fully charged batteries age over time, so these should be replaced every 24-36 months.


(6) Regularly run diesel generators.

Emergency backup diesel generators must be able to run from a cold start to full operation within seconds. This requires regular engine running maintenance to ensure that the machine is functioning properly when needed, at least once a month for 30 minutes.


The user actively takes preventive maintenance according to the above, which can ensure that the diesel generator set can work normally when needed, reduce wear and tear, prevent the occurrence of failure, prolong the service life, and reduce the operating cost for the user.


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