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Prevent Coolant Pollution of Yuchai Diesel Generator

Jul. 25, 2023

If Yuchai diesel generator is installed under the aircraft, it is recommended to use Yuchai diesel generator remote radiator for cooling due to space constraints. The radiator in the remote radiator cooling system of Yuchai diesel generator is separated from the engine and dissipated by the electric fan of Yuchai diesel generator. This system can be used as a fully enclosed unit for outdoor use or as an open form for indoor equipment. When the radiator is installed more than 3 meters above the Yuchai diesel generator, most Yuchai diesel generator need separate water tanks and electric water pumps. The size of the branch water tank depends on the capacity of the entire cooling system, that is, the total number of pipes required plus the amount of cooling water used.

Yuchai generator

The cooling water of Yuchai diesel generator is driven by an electric circulating pump, and the circulating pump of Yuchai diesel generator passes through the radiator and engine from an independent water tank. The cooling fan and pump motor are generally provided by Yuchai diesel generator, and the load power required for this part should be included in the total power of Yuchai diesel generator. When Yuchai diesel generator stops running, water will flow from the radiator of Yuchai diesel generator into a separate water tank. When Yuchai diesel generator is running, the independent water tank of Yuchai diesel generator must have enough water to fill the whole cooling system, and be able to keep enough cooling water for Yuchai diesel generator for a long time to ensure the effective period of Yuchai diesel generator.

To prevent foreign matters from polluting the coolant of Yuchai diesel generator, the branch water tank disturbs the oxidizable water. In order to prevent the air in the system of Yuchai diesel generator from being sealed, the pipeline should be provided with a vent. Proper water treatment shall be carried out to meet the water quality requirements of Yuchai diesel generator. In order to prevent water condensation and corrosion of Yuchai diesel generator, the cooling water system of Yuchai diesel generator must be filled with coolant and preservatives according to regulations, and the cooling water shall maintain the natural flow of the circulation system of Yuchai diesel generator.

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