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Precautions for Using Single Cylinder Air-cooled Diesel Engine

Dec. 07, 2023

Single cylinder diesel engine, which is a diesel engine with only one cylinder when classified according to the number of cylinders, has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, simple layout, and convenient repair. It is mainly used in agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, automotive industry, shipbuilding machinery, power industry, and other fields.

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Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engines are highly favored by users due to their lightweight, small size, simple structure, and convenient maintenance, and are widely used as supporting power for small agricultural machinery. However, compared to water-cooled diesel engines, it appears particularly delicate, and if used improperly, it has a high frequency of malfunctions and low reliability.

(1) Structural differences between single cylinder air-cooled diesel engines and water-cooled diesel engines

In terms of structure and principle, single cylinder air-cooled diesel engines and water-cooled diesel engines have similar valve mechanisms, crank connecting rod mechanisms, fuel supply systems, and intake and exhaust systems, mainly due to the differences in the following two systems:

1. The cooling method of the cooling system is different. A water-cooled diesel engine uses circulating water to carry away the heat of the diesel engine, achieving the purpose of heat dissipation. On the other hand, an air-cooled diesel engine relies on a strong airflow blown by a fan to flow rapidly along the heat dissipation fins, thereby reducing the high temperature of the engine body. Many aluminum alloy heat dissipation fins are cast on the cylinder block and cylinder head.

2. The lubrication system has different lubrication methods. Water cooled diesel engines use comprehensive lubrication, including pressure lubrication and non pressure lubrication, with organic oil pumps, while single cylinder air-cooled diesel engines mostly use non pressure lubrication without oil pumps.

(2) Precautions for using a single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine

Due to the different cooling and lubrication methods between single cylinder air-cooled diesel engines and water-cooled diesel engines, the heat dissipation, lubrication, and cooling effects are poor. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating procedures when using them.

Special attention should be paid to the following points during use:

1. Strictly follow the diesel engine user manual to add engine oil and fix the blades; Regular replacement, air-cooled diesel engines require higher and stricter oil quality, grade, and cleanliness than water-cooled diesel engines.

2. The body temperature of air-cooled diesel engines is higher than that of water-cooled diesel engines, and the oil consumption is higher. It is necessary to check the oil quantity frequently, as excessive oil can easily spray; It is prone to combustion and even causes speeding, and if there is too little, it is easy to pull cylinders and tiles.

3. Always remove weeds, soil, and oil stains from the windshield and heat sink to ensure sufficient air flow and good heat dissipation.

4. After starting, the engine should first idle at low speed for a while and then stand by; After the temperature rises, operate again. Before turning off the engine, idle at medium and low speeds for a few minutes. Wait for the temperature to drop appropriately before turning off the engine. It is strictly prohibited to operate under high load for a long time.

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