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Precautions for Using Gas Generator Sets

Jul. 24, 2023

In recent years, gas generator set have brought many conveniences to various production and life. During the use of gas generator set, what points need special attention to not affect the normal operation of the units? The diesel generator manufacturer Dingbo Power introduced in detail:

gas generator

1. The gas generator set room shall be far away from the open fire area;

2. The gas generator set room shall be spacious and bright, and ventilation fan shall be installed to ensure good ventilation;

3. During the installation of gas generating set, the chassis and foundation shall be leveled with flat sizing iron, and the contact area shall be more than 60% and evenly distributed;

4. Indoor installation of lighting, switches, circuits, and their electrical appliances should adopt explosion-proof measures and be firmly fixed;

5. The gas genset room shall meet the fire protection requirements and be equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment;

6. Combustible gas alarm device shall be installed in the Gas-fired power plant room to detect the leakage of combustible gas in time;

7. The inner diameter of the external main pipeline of a single gas engine gas pipeline below 60KW should not be less than 2 inches, and the inner diameter of the part near the engine should not be less than 1 inch! For gas generator set above 60kw, it is 3 inches and 2 inches respectively. And gas valves (stainless steel ball valves), type drain valves, and anti backfire devices must be installed. After welding the gas pipeline, welding slag should be cleaned (using high-pressure air);

8. Gas must undergo desulfurization, dehydration, and dust removal, with a flow rate of ≤ 0.25Nm3 and a hydrogen content of ≤ 10%;

Dingbo Power reminds that due to the special requirements for safety of gas generator set, users need to be particularly careful in the maintenance of the units and pay attention to various details to ensure that the units can function normally.

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